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Market of Household Dehumidifiers in Japan

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In the winter of Japan, with heavy snow, most families regard home dehumidifiers as their daily necessities. In some closed and well insulated residential buildings or independent houses, dehumidifiers are essential household products to prevent the condensation of warm air.



1. Market of Home Dehumidifiers in Japan

In 1999, the sales volume of home dehumidifiers in Japan reached a peak of 956000. However, due to climate and other factors, the sales volume of dehumidifier has become worse year by year. After a sharp decline in 2000 and 2001, the dehumidifier market in Japan has stabilized at the scale of 0.5 to 0.6 million units. In 2003, sales of dehumidifiers rebounded to 0.7million units due to the long rainy season.

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2. Small Dehumidifiers Occupy the Market

Compared with air conditioning, dehumidifier is portable and movable, so it has its place in dressing room, cabinet and entrance. Moreover, dehumidifier is often applied to dry washed clothes, which is very convenient. In the series of dehumidifiers with small volume, the products with light weight and desiccant are more and more popular. Manufacturers are increasing investment to improve product performance.


As for the clothes drying dehumidifier, this product can not only play the function of dehumidifier, but also quickly dry the washed clothes in the room. In recent years, manufacturers have also produced efficient dehumidifiers, increasing the working capacity to 10 L / D products, and even 16 L/day and 18 L/day products.


In addition, consumers also need lightweight and compact products for smaller rooms. Therefore, almost more than half of the dehumidifier market is occupied by small models, such as 5.6L/day and 6.3L/day products.



3. Different Product Strategies

In order to meet the requirements of consumers, home dehumidifier manufacturers adopt different product strategies. For example, some manufacturers have stepped up the production of high-capacity products, while others have focused on the development of 10 liter / day products, especially compact products. Or some strengthen the production of small capacity products.



4. Main Products

Here is a brief introduction of some major dehumidifier manufacturers in Japan and their products launched in Japan.


(1) Panasonic Dehumidifier, the Largest Sales Volume in Japan in 2003

The sales of Panasonic's air dehumidifier are very good. Some models even rank first and second on the sales charts.


(2) Hitachi Dehumidifier with Three Convenient Functions

The‘quick drying’series of products launched by Hitachi home appliances company have three convenient automatic functions, including drying function, automatic dehumidification function and moisture condensation function. They are compact in structure and small in volume.


(3) Melco Dehumidifier, Air Supply System with Vanilla

The home dehumidifier launched by Mitsubishi Electronics Group (Melco) can add antioxidants extracted from natural rosemary vanilla to the indoor air.


(4) Sanyo Dehumidifier with Sterilization Lamp

Sanyo electronic company has launched dehumidifier with sterilization function, which is the first in the industry.



(5) Toshiba Dehumidifier with Chemical Enzyme Sterilization Filter

In the dehumidifier introduced by Toshiba, its chemical enzyme sterilization filter adopts natural lysozyme to remove mold, which is the first time in the industry.


In Japan, the popularity of home dehumidifiers is close to 20%. In order to make the indoor air dry and comfortable, the manufacturer also added many functions to the dehumidifier products to make the indoor environment more comfortable, such as adding negative ions, disinfection and sterilization, anti-aging agents, etc., to meet the increasingly diverse needs of people.



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