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What are the Hazards of Excessive Humidity in the Room?

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There are many reasons for the excessive humidity in the room. The degree of humidity in the room may be related to the degree of insulation of the wall. If the wall is not well insulated, no matter what season it is in, the room may easily become damp. If the wall is not well adjusted indoor temperature and outdoor temperature, it will cause a strong temperature difference in the room and excessive humidity.


Of course, this also depends on the weather conditions. If the humidity is too high, no matter how good the wall is, it can't completely keep the room dry. Therefore, people living in subtropical monsoon climates are often troubled by excessive humidity in the room. More importantly, excessive humidity in the room will bring a lot of harm.

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What are the hazards of excessive humidity in the room?

1.  Affecting the Decoration of the Room

Excessive humidity in the room may make some furniture moldy, and even the walls will be affected. This not only greatly affects the service life of the furniture, but also affects the beauty of the room. People living in areas with high climate and humidity may not have metal or leather furniture that may easily become moldy, even if they look good. In an environment with high humidity, furniture made of metal is easily corroded, and furniture made of cloth is prone to mold and difficult to clean.


2.  Causing Clothes Becoming Moldy

In a humid environment, leather clothes are prone to mold, and white clothes are prone to yellow stains, especially white cotton T-shirts. This caused a lot of trouble for people. When we found that the beautiful and fitted clothes that we bought before were moldy, and we didn't wear them once, it would destroy the good mood of the day.


3.  Harmful to People's Health

Living in a humid room for a long time can easily cause rheumatism and bronchitis, which is a kind of joint disease that is difficult to cure. And the humid environment in the room has a bad influence on patients with tuberculosis, kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases. In addition, moldy smells are easily produced in damp rooms, and people living in such rooms for a long time are likely to cause respiratory and lung diseases.


How to remove the extra moisture in the room?


We can often open doors and windows to ventilate. This is the easiest way to solve the excessive humidity in the room. However, some problems should be paid attention to when ventilating. And the humidity outside must be lower than indoors. When the outside humidity is heavy, the doors and windows should be closed to prevent moisture and moisture.


In addition, dehumidifiers will help a lot. The small whole house dehumidifier can condense the water molecules in the air to form water droplets, and discharge the dry air out of the dehumidifier. The cycle can be repeated every day to keep the indoor humidity within a suitable humidity range.



An environment with high humidity will accelerate the propagation of bacteria, and a dehumidifier can effectively reduce the humidity in the space and inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria. According to research, it is not easy to breed bacteria and harmful microorganisms in an environment with humidity below 60%. Whether at home or in the office, the dehumidifier can keep you in a comfortable humidity environment.


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