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Defination Of Humidity

Humidity, which mainly means the amount of water vapor in the air, which is generally expressed in relative temperature RH. Humidity, temperature, air velocity and fresh air volume are the mainly influence factors for indoor air quality.

The environment temperature is higher in summer, and the higher air humidity will accumulate the heat of the air environment on the body surface, affecting the normal heat removal of the human body, making people feel damp and hot. The environment temperature is lower in winter, and the higher air humidity will accelerate the body surface. The loss of heat conduction affects the warmth of the human body, makes people feel wet and cold, and greatly reduces the somatosensory comfort.

The most comfortable air humidity range for human is within     55%~65%
Genuine Material,International Quality
Brand Compressor
Pure copper motor
Intelligent control
Rigid fuselage
Efficient Two Operating Devices
High sensitivity sensor
Damp Hazard
Joint pain \\ Food poisoning \\ Cardio-cerebrovascular disease
Joint pain \ Food poisoning \ Cardio-cerebrovascular disease
Moldy furniture and walls\\ Respiratory tract allergies
Moldy furniture and walls\ Respiratory tract allergies
Clothing moldy\\Mildew infection
Clothing moldy\Mildew infection
Core Advantage
    Let our family members enjoy the dry and healthy breathing environment.
  • Dehumidification 
  • Purification
  •  Bacteriostatic  
  • Dry Clothes


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