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How to Solve Musty Smell of Your Dehumidifier?

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With the improvement of people's living standard, the dehumidifier has walked into thousands of families. The types of dehumidifier are various. Generally it is divided into Commercial Dehumidifiers, Industrial Dehumidifiers and Home Dehumidifiers. For home use, people often choose Home Dehumidifiers. Since the time of the dehumidifier entered the Chinese market is not very long, people do not know much about it. When people use it for a long time, many people find that it gives off a musty smell, which makes people feel bad. How to clean up the musty smell, which is the question people is concerning. If people want to solve the problem, they had better to understand how the odor is generated. Here we will talk about the reason of the musty smell and how to remove the musty smell properly.



Why the dehumidifier gives off the musty smell

Generally the main function of dehumidifier is to remove the moisture of the air and keep the air fresh, dry and clean especially when the rainy weather comes. When it works, the inner of the machine will appear lots of moisture on the evaporator. After the power of machine is closed up, the moisture will still exist in the water mitigation dehumidifier if it has not the function of eliminating mould. Day by day and month by month, the machine will generate the musty smell. Besides this reason, there is still another reason that the filter screen or heat exchanger in the machine will accumulate more dusts after using long time, if people cannot clean them regularly, the machine will give off the strange smell as well. When the musty smell is generated by the commercial dehumidifier, it will float in the home to pollute the air of indoors. If people inhale the odor more or less into the lung, gradually it will affect the health of human body. Then how to remove the musty smell?


The methods to remove the musty smell

If you only find there is dust on the panel and the air outlet of the dehumidifier as the using time is not long, you may clean it by yourself to simply wipe the dust. First the user opens the panel to take down the filter screen, and cleans it in water to solve the odor problem. If the humidifier is used for a long time and the odor problem is serious, you had better to ask the professionals to help, they can clean it thoroughly and maintain the machine for you. They will clean the exterior and the interior in special tools and bactericide including grill, filter screen, the bucket etc. Then the machine likes the new one which can continue to work well for you again. Usually the professional staff can clean up all types of the machine including Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers, Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifiers and Rotomolding Dehumidifiers.


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