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Does Dehumidifier Really Keep Your Home Cooler?

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In the hot summer, not only the extreme heat is unbearable, but the high humidity brought by the abundant rain also adds more trouble to people. In order to ensure the comfort of the home, it is necessary to remove humidity, which can be solved by installing an air conditioner. Installing a household dehumidifier can help the air conditioner work better.


There are many types of dehumidifiers, including commercial dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers, home dehumidifiers, etc.

The role of dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a device that removes moisture from the air. There are several types of home dehumidifiers. Some are only used to remove moisture from one room, while others can dehumidify the entire house. These machines work like air conditioners. Warm, humid air passes through the refrigerant-cooled coil, which causes the moisture in the air to condense. As it continues to work, a water pan or collection bucket can hold all the water collected from the air.


Relative humidity

The percentage value of the actual water vapor density in the air and the saturated water vapor density at the same temperature is called the "relative humidity" of the air. The degree of dry and wet air is related to the degree of moisture contained in the air is close to saturation, but has no direct relationship with the absolute amount of moisture contained in the air. For example, when the pressure of water vapor contained in the air is also equal to 1606.24Pa (12.79 mm Hg), at hot summer noon, the temperature is about 35 ℃, people do not feel wet, so it is still far away from the saturation pressure of water vapor, objects The water in it can continue to evaporate. In the colder autumn, about 15 ° C, people will feel moist because the water vapor pressure has reached supersaturation at this time, not only can the water not evaporate, but also condense into water.


Dehumidification and comfort

Relative humidity is between 30% and 50%, people feel the most comfortable. When it is higher than 50%, people will feel sticky everywhere, and the clothes are also very moist. The high humidity makes people feel suffocated by breathlessness. At the same temperature, it will feel hotter. Based on this point, if we use a household dehumidifier to reduce the indoor temperature, we can bring people a cool feeling. Preair is a reliable home dehumidifier manufacturer that provides ODM/OEM equipment for worldwide customers. If you are a distributor or  retailer, please feel free to contact us. Preair will offer you reasonable cheap household dehumidifier prices.

 Preair Wh Dehumidifiers for Home Dehumidification


Advantages of installing a dehumidifier

On a hot summer day, if a dehumidifier is installed at home, it will bring you a sense of comfort. Its installation is not able to change the cooling capacity of the air conditioner, it is only able to change the frequency and time of cooling. For example, if your indoor temperature is 75 degrees and the humidity is 75%, then if the dehumidifier is put into use and the humidity is reduced to 45%, you will feel warm. The mission of the whole house dehumidifier is to reduce the humidity. Under low humidity, even if the temperature is higher, people will not feel uncomfortable. Although the initial investment cost of installing a home dehumidifier will be larger, the savings in electricity costs and the comfort it brings to you show that this investment is still worthwhile.



Installing a dehumidifier for the entire family is undoubtedly the best choice. In the scorching summer and the rainy autumn, it provides a comfortable environment for the family, better relaxation, and better rest. The next day, you can better devote to study and work. With it, when the indoor humidity is low, the air conditioner does not have to dissipate heat. Over time, it will save a lot of electricity bills. Therefore, buying a dehumidifier is very helpful to improve the quality of life. 


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