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Commercial Dehumidifiers for Fitness Centers

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The need for dehumidification in the gym


Controlling the indoor relative humidity in the fitness center will reduce the accumulation of mold and bacteria. Only in this way can customers be retained. If there is no dehumidification system, this will lead to poor indoor air quality, these fitness equipment will soon be scrapped. Even more serious is that if indoor humidity is not controlled, the moisture accumulated by customers' sweat will cause malodor, shorten the service life of equipment and spread disease.

Wh135 Hvac Dehumidifier for Gyms 

So let's analyze it in detail, why does the gym environment deteriorate? Gyms usually use glass curtain walls and fully enclosed air-conditioning systems, usually without natural ventilation. If too many people are reduced, the indoor oxygen content will be reduced. After all, during the fitness exercise will breathe more oxygen, so the indoor carbon dioxide content will increase. Which is not conducive to the fitness crowd. In addition, since this is a sport, you will definitely sweat. After the sweat evaporates, the humidity of the gym will become higher and higher. The humidity in the air plus insufficient indoor oxygen content will only make the gym environment worse. In addition, the gym floor is made of wood. Dripping sweat and humid air can make the wood floor moist and moldy, which can cause deformation, swelling, blistering, tarnishing, and even attract termites and other pests. Moldy things give off a musty smell, making the air quality of the stadium even worse. Humid air can also cause corrosion of sports equipment.


Considering that many gyms are now operating at least 24/7, the traditional air-conditioning system has been unable to sufficiently reduce the accumulation of moisture, and the reduced downtime means that new moisture always enters the air. In this case, it is recommended to install a dedicated dehumidification system, which cooperates with the existing A / C to filter the liquid particles in the air, thereby helping you maintain a clean and hygienic facility.


Install a dehumidification system in the fitness center

So how to solve the above problems? In fact, it is enough to install a fresh air dehumidifier in the gym. It can reduce the air humidity of the gym, prevent the gym floor and equipment from getting damp and moldy; continuously purify the outdoor air to the indoor, and then discharge the indoor turbid air, thereby reducing the carbon dioxide content and providing the body's oxygen demand during exercise. This can keep the air in the gym in a new state, provide a comfortable fitness environment for exercisers, and enable exercisers to truly achieve the purpose of exercise.


The following method can also be adopted. Compared with people who occupy water, the space of the fitness center is often small, so a small capacity CFM commercial dehumidifier can be installed to prevent sweating. Commercial dehumidifiers remove excess water from the air by flowing humid air through cold refrigeration coils, allowing the water in the air to condense and leave the system in the form of condensed water. Dehumidifiers come in different shapes and sizes, depending on their intended application, but they all have the same purpose of maintaining acceptable indoor air quality.

Some tips for dehumidifying the fitness center


The dedicated dehumidifier works in conjunction with the existing HVAC system. Because it is difficult to absorb moisture from cold air, the operator keeps his fitness center between 63 and 68 ° F.


In addition, dehumidifiers should also be considered in auxiliary areas such as dressing rooms and aerobics rooms. The use of showers, hot tubs and other conveniences in these areas will further affect the moisture content of the air. It is also necessary to assess the usage of different areas of the facility so that you can install a dehumidifier that is most suitable for the amount of water produced.


After installation, regular maintenance of the whole house dehumidifier is also important. Routine maintenance tasks include regularly draining and cleaning the water tank, and ensuring that the motor and electronic components are in good working order. 

Purchase of dehumidifier

The dehumidifier has a variety of customization options to ensure the best performance in any application. The possibilities are as follows: horizontal or vertical configuration, single-phase or three-phase power options, water cooling and so on.


For more professional advice on commercial dehumidifiers, please consult customer service to answer your questions.


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