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Introduction of Industrial Dehumidifier

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The dehumidifier is a small member of the refrigerator and air conditioning family. At present, dehumidifiers are mainly produced in Italy, Japan and Taiwan, and mainland China's position in the global dehumidifier market is not significant. In particular, household dehumidifiers have always been export-oriented, but have just been recognized by Chinese consumers. The local brands of industrial-grade dehumidifiers have flourished in the fields of medicine, tobacco, paper-making, aerospace, military etc. in the past decade. Dehumidifier can be divided into commercial dehumidifier and industrial dehumidifier and industrial dehumidifier fall into two categories, industrial cool dehumidifier and industrial warm dehumidifier. Besides, you can choose different kind of dehumidifiers according to different occasions. If you want to breathe fresh air at office, there is industrial humidifier for office for you and if you work in the basement, there is the industrial dehumidifier for basement for you. If you are in constant movement, you can choose a portable dehumidifier and better, a mini portable dehumidifier.

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Industrial dehumidifiers are very professional electro-mechanical equipment, and people have insufficient knowledge about them. When selecting and matching dehumidifiers, they are often simply selected according to the area of the dehumidified place. Industrial workshops, warehouses and other air purification equipment that are technologically demanded have strict requirements for target humidity. Therefore, dehumidifiers cannot be selected based only on the area of the place. The professional industrial dehumidifier suppliers represented by Shanghai Guilv and Shangdai are selected based on the total wet load of the place. Specifically, the key parameter is calculated based on area, floor height, initial humidity value, target humidity value, indoor air tightness, moisture source, fresh air supply and other comprehensive factors, then a suitable dehumidifier could be chose.


The industrial dehumidifier is widely used in large computer rooms (medicine, electricity, telecommunications); industrial workshop warehouses (electronics, footwear, clothing, tobacco, food, leather, glass, paper); file management (banks, public security, museums, archives, government agencies); Underground engineering (subway, civil defense engineering, cross-river tunnel); HVAC, fresh air system, etc.


Consumer groups of industrial dehumidifiers are roughly divided into two categories. The first type of user has no complicated functional requirements, as long as it can meet the requirements of dehumidification, but it is highly sensitive to price; the second type is some scientific research institutes with strong economic strength, which have higher requirements for the performance of the machine, but price is a secondary consideration.

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Regarding the future prospects of China's dehumidifier manufacturer, there are two different voices in the industry. The optimists believe that although China's dehumidifier market has a relatively small base, with the economic development and the improvement of people's quality of life, the prospects are worthy of recognition. In the next few years, the popularity of dehumidifiers in Chinese households will be the same as that of household air conditioners, and the commercial aspect will surely achieve great growth. The rapid development in recent years is a good proof. While conservatives believe that the prospects are mixed. If more large brands and large enterprises participate in this market in the future, it will be difficult for miscellaneous brands to survive, and the market will be reshuffled by then. 


The maturation of the dehumidifier market will take some time. The improvement of technology, the diversification of product functions and appearance are also urgent problems that the industry needs to solve. In addition, the country also needs to introduce relevant standards to guide the promotion and standardization of the dehumidification equipment market. It is believed that with the efforts of many parties, the dehumidifier industry will usher in a big opportunity in the near future.


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