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How to Choose Suitable Industrial Dehumidifier for Large Warehouse

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Due to the rapid development of the logistics industry and the advancement of technology, new and higher requirements have been placed on the storage environment of large warehouses. Industrial dehumidifiers also came into being.


The necessity of choosing dehumidifiers for large warehouses


The large warehouse dehumidification equipment is an air purification equipment that effectively controls the humidity of large warehouses. Its equipment needs to be scientifically selected, rather than simply selected according to the area of large warehouses. Large-scale warehouse dehumidification equipment needs to be customized as a large scale dehumidifier due to the particularity of its total humidity load, total cooling / heat load, etc., or when the pipeline interface fails to meet the requirements of ordinary standard dehumidifiers.



With the development of modern transportation and technology, large warehouses have become an important transit space for logistics. Three-dimensional large warehouses and high-temperature large warehouses have emerged at the historic moment. The items stored in the large high-dimensional large-scale warehouse, outer packaging cartons, etc. need to be controlled to a certain temperature and humidity to be stored for a long time. Otherwise, the items in large warehouses are susceptible to dampness and mildew, and the outer packaging cartons are susceptible to dampness and even collapse. Large-scale warehouse dehumidification equipment is defined in the dehumidifier industry. The industrial dehumidifier for warehouse with a dehumidification capacity of 20 to 50 kg / hour and a circulating air volume of more than 14000 m3 / hour are collectively referred to as large-scale dehumidifiers.


It is designed and manufactured according to the large space single dehumidification equipment such as large warehouses, subways, large warehouses,etc.. Due to the limitation of the air volume and air pressure of the ventilation ducts in large spaces, a single dehumidification equipment must be provided for supporting dehumidification. The wet load per unit of time is not acceptable to ordinary single dehumidifiers, and large dehumidifiers are required to intercept and dehumidify.



Type of dehumidifiers selected


The heating dehumidifier and cooling dehumidifier are controlled by professional microcomputers; large dehumidifiers are generally controlled by high-performance programmable controller (PLC) and Chinese text display, with good reliability and high control accuracy. As long as the user sets the required temperature and humidity control range, the unit can automatically operate according to the humidity-priority operation mode.



The temperature control function of the dehumidification equipment in large warehouses. Conventional dehumidifiers and large dehumidifiers have heating type, temperature adjusting type, and cooling type types. The thermostat dehumidifier integrates the functions of dehumidification and cooling, and the cooling capacity is adjustable, so it is especially suitable for dehumidification places with large changes in thermal load. The cooling dehumidifier has a cooling function while dehumidifying, but the cooling capacity is not adjustable, so it is suitable for dehumidification occasions where the heat load is large and the relative humidity is not required. Preair can provide you good quality industrial dehumidifiers for warehouse, please contact us for more information.


Large-scale warehouse dehumidification equipment condensation method can be selected. Large-scale warehouse dehumidification equipment condenser adopts air cooling and water cooling. Water-cooled large dehumidifier adopts cooling tower condensate or deep water near the reservoir to introduce water cooler to radiate refrigerant because the flow direction of the refrigerant in the closed inner casing is opposite to the cooling water flow of the outer casing water cooler, and the specific heat of the cooling water flowing between the two concentric casings of the water cooler is several times higher than that of air (standard state). Therefore, the water-cooled large-scale dehumidifier has a better effect than the air-cooled large-scale dehumidifier with the same dehumidification capacity, and the energy-saving efficiency is greatly improved.


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