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Why Do You Need A Home Dehumidifier in the House in Winter?

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In winter, the home is relatively humid due to various reasons. However, studies have shown that excessive humidity in the house can affect our physical health, so we need to understand the reasons for the dampness of the house in winter and how to dehumidify.


Causes of Dampness in Winter

1. Soil Moisture Penetration

Concrete is a kind of pore material. The moisture of the soil environment penetrates and evaporates into the room through the wall, causing moisture.


2. Moisture Evaporation of Building Materials

Concrete, brick, paint, wood, and other construction or decoration materials all contain a certain amount of water, which will evaporate into the indoor air and form moisture.


3. The Lack of Insulation Measures on the Wall Leads to Condensation

Residential walls that do not have good thermal insulation structure measures can't isolate and adjust the indoor and outdoor temperatures well. In winter, when the indoor temperature is higher than the wall temperature, condensation will occur on the wall and ground.


4. Outdoor High Humidity Air Enters the Room

Due to the heavy rain in winter, the water vapor in the outdoor air is very high, even reaching more than 99%.


Solutions to Dehumidify the Damp Room

1. Always Open Windows on Sunny Days

There are more cloudy days in winter, which makes the moisture in the room heavier, and a very good habit of removing moisture from the house is to maintain ventilation. Open the window frequently when the weather is warm, let the flowing air take away the humidity in the room and reduce the humidity. In winter, you should consider opening the window at noon to ventilate. Be careful not to open the window on rainy days so as not to increase the sense of moisture.

2. Use a Home dehumidifier

To get rid of the moisture in the room, the best way is to use a household dehumidifier. It doesn't take long to remove the moisture from the room. Whole house dehumidifiers have many functions.

1) The biggest use of energy efficient dehumidifiers for home is to dehumidify, effectively remove moisture and suspended particles, and make the air dry, thereby creating a comfortable living environment for users. People can effectively improve the living environment by using a whole house dehumidifier with fresh air intake, remove mold caused by the humid environment, better protect the health of the human body, and effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases such as rheumatism and arthritis.

2) Home dehumidifiers can effectively prevent mold, food, medicines, and books from becoming moldy, and better protect our household items, so that we do not have to bear unnecessary losses.

3) In addition, home dehumidifiers can also effectively protect household appliances such as computers, cameras, and mobile phones from moisture and damage.

4)The central home dehumidifier can dry the wet clothes in a short time, which reduces people's troubles.

 Wh Whole House Dehumidifiers Good for Allergies in Winter

3. Put Some Desiccant

If the room is particularly wet, you can also put some desiccant on the corners of the room, it will have a very good dehumidification effect, but you should pay attention to the timely cleaning after putting the desiccant, do not put it in the bedroom for a long time.


Generally speaking, there will be some humidity in the house in winter, too much humidity will affect our health, so we need to take measures to reduce the humidity in the room to a reasonable range. The most recommended dehumidification method is to use a home dehumidifier, which is convenient and safe.


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