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Why Do Dehumidifiers Freeze Up?

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Zeta480 Dehumidifier for Greenhouse

Dehumidifiers can freeze up due to a combination of factors related to temperature, humidity levels, and the operation of the dehumidifier itself.

A breakdown of why dehumidifiers freeze up

Low Temperatures:

Dehumidifiers operate by pulling in air, removing moisture from it, and then expelling the drier air back into the room. When the ambient temperature is too low, the cooling coils inside the dehumidifier can get very cold. If the temperature drops below the freezing point, the moisture that collects on these coils can freeze, forming ice.

High Humidity:

If the air in the room has high humidity levels, the moisture extracted from it can accumulate on the cooling coils more rapidly. If the industrial dehumidifier for greenhouse is running continuously and the humidity is very high, the accumulated moisture might not have enough time to evaporate off the coils before it freezes.

Improper Settings:

Some dehumidifiers have adjustable settings for the target humidity level. If the target humidity level is set too low, the ceiling mounted dehumidifier will continue to run even when the air in the room has reached the desired level of dryness. This can lead to excessive cooling and freezing of the coils.

Inadequate Airflow:

Proper airflow is crucial for a dehumidifier's efficient operation. If the air circulation around the cooling coils is restricted, the moisture on the coils might not evaporate properly, leading to ice buildup.

Frost Sensor Malfunction:

Many modern dehumidifiers are equipped with frost sensors that detect ice buildup on the coils and shut off the compressor temporarily to allow the ice to melt. However, if this sensor malfunctions, the dehumidifier might not enter this defrost cycle, leading to more ice accumulation.

Steps to prevent dehumidifiers from freezing up

Operating Temperature:

Make sure the room where you're using the commercial ceiling mounted dehumidifier is within the recommended operating temperature range specified in the manufacturer's instructions.

Target Humidity Level:

Set the dehumidifier's target humidity level to a reasonable and achievable level based on the actual humidity conditions in the room.

Regular Maintenance:

Keep the dehumidifier's air filters clean and ensure proper airflow around the unit. Regular maintenance can help prevent ice buildup.


Place the dehumidifier in a location where it can maintain proper air circulation, avoiding areas with poor airflow or against walls.

If your dehumidifier continues to freeze up despite taking these precautions, you might want to contact the manufacturer's customer support for guidance or consider having the unit professionally inspected and repaired.


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