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What Effect Does Temperature and Humidity Have on Dogs?

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The environment is an important factor that directly affects the pet's body. For example, large temperature changes and air humidity will have a certain impact on dog health. Although we can't change the outside natural environment, we can control the dog's living environment to prevent some problems.


If the humidity of the air is too high, even if the temperature is normal, the dog will show signs of weakness and fatigue. Cold and humid air can increase the dog's heat energy consumption, causing the body temperature to be too low. Hot and humid air can hinder the evaporation of moisture from the lungs and tongue surface, thus overheating the body. Dogs are more suitable for relative humidity of 30%-40%. When the humidity is higher than 70%, it will have the following adverse effects on dogs.


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What effect does temperature and humidity have on dogs?

1. It affects the reproduction of dogs. Because high humidity is not conducive to heat regulation at high and low temperatures, it seriously affects the reproductive ability of dogs. When the temperature exceeds 35℃ and the relative humidity is too high or too low, the reproductive rate of the dog significantly decreases. Therefore, home dehumidifiers are very necessary for dogs.


2. It affects the development of the dog. Generally speaking, the temperature is between 14 ℃ and 23 ℃ and the relative humidity is between 30% and 40%, which is the most suitable for the growth and development of dogs. Above or below this index is detrimental to the growth and development of dogs. Dogs are generally thin in summer and stunted in winter, which are caused by these factors. Only with the help of best dehumidifier, the dog can grow better.


3. High humidity can easily cause disease in dogs. In a high humidity environment without the use of home dehumidifiers, the body's resistance weakens and the morbidity increases, which is more conducive to the spread of infectious diseases. The recovery process after human diseases is long, and the mortality rate increases. High air humidity can promote the development of pathogenic fungi, bacteria and parasites, which makes dogs susceptible to skin diseases and other problems, and also lead to the recurrence of dogs suffering from skin diseases. In addition, dogs are susceptible to various cold diseases such as neuralgia, rheumatism, arthritis, and myositis under low temperature and high humidity conditions. And dogs are also susceptible to digestive tract diseases under low temperature and high humidity conditions.


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How to prevent adverse effects of temperature and humidity on dogs?

1. Observe the life habits of dogs at ordinary times. We have to take dog to exercise regularly. In addition, we shoule help the dog develop good bowel habits to prevent the growth of bacteria.


2. Do not always close the doors and windows. And we should close the doors and windows in rainy weather to prevent moisture from entering the room. If it is sunny, we should open doors and windows to ensure indoor ventilation. In winter, the mat should be taken out to dry in time.


3. Do regular indoor sanitation and disinfection work.


4. According to the change of seasons and climate, we must do a good job of dehumidification and humidification. For example, in winter and spring, a built in dehumidifier for home can be used to reduce indoor air humidity. Sprinkling some water in summer can not only cool the room, but also increase the air humidity, so as to reduce the indoor air temperature. If the room is too humid, you can use household dehumidifiers to reduce the air humidity and provide a suitable living environment for dogs.


If you want to help your dog grow better, home dehumidifiers can play a big role.


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