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What Do You Know about the Ventilating Dehumidifier?

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The Ventilating Dehumidifier has widely used in many industries of our country such as Commercial Dehumidifiers and Industrial Dehumidifiers. It is also one of the household electrical appliances which have been used in people's daily life. No matter it is used in industries or homes, it brings the convenience for people especially for some factories of wood making, paper making, food etc. How does the ventilating dehumidifier work? Here we will talk about some relative knowledge about it.


The working principle of the ventilating dehumidifier


Usually, a ventilating dehumidifier includes five parts that is the compressor, heat exchanger, the fan, water bucket, outer case and controller. First the fan draws moisture in the air into the machine and passes through the heat exchanger. At the same time, the water molecules in the air condense into water drops, and the treated dry air will be discharged out of the machine. Then the humid air indoors will become the fresh and dry air. This circle will keep the indoor humidity at a suitable relative humidity. In fact, the principle is similar with the air conditioner. If you still cannot understand completely, we will change another way to tell you the mystery of its principle.

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Everyone knows that the humid air will condense immediately in the glass when you pour a glass of ice tea in hot and damp summer. Because the air is cooled down, it will lose the ability to keep the gas state to become liquid. If you put the glass on the table for long time, and the humidity in the air is very heavy, you will find there is a pool of water on the side of glass. If you are enough careful, you may see the phenomenon on the air conditioner of your home. The water vapors indoors will condense on the cooling coil of the machine. If it is a window air conditioner, the condensate will drip from the back of the machine to the ground. The principle of the commercial use dehumidifier is similar with it, which just puts the heating and cooling coils in the same box. The fan draws indoor air into the cooling coils to condense the water vapors, and the condensate will drop into the small bucket. Then the air passes through the heating coils and is heated to the suitable temperature to discharge out. Is it simple?

Wide Applications of Preair HD Dehumidifiers

The use areas of the ventilating dehumidifier


The ventilating dehumidifier is widely used in the world, and the demands for home dehumidifiers, commercial dehumidifiers, and industrial dehumidifiers are getting larger. The dehumdifier can be applied in factory, home, office, library, archive, computer room, warehouse and storage room, etc. We know that there is often rainy days in many areas of the world. Its type is different as well, and there are Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifiers, Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers, Rotomolding Dehumidifiers etc. You may go to Dehumidifiers home pot to choose it.


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