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The Development Prospect of Dehumidifier Industry

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As a necessary product in certain places and an indispensable product to improve the quality of human life, the dehumidifier has a very promising market prospect. 

The scientific research report pointed out that the human body has high requirements for the humidity of the living environment. The relative humidity is preferably 60-70%, not lower by 50% in winter and not more than 80% in summer. If the humidity is too high, it is easy to cause following problems: 1. Clothes and leather are damp and moldy; 2. Food, medicine and tobacco are deteriorated; 3. Electrical appliances and precision instruments are damaged by moisture; 4. Water stains appear on the wall and floor, causing documents, decorations and collectibles to be damp and moldy ; 5. Breeding of bacteria in spring is easy to induce respiratory diseases and rheumatism; it is difficult for human body to dissipate heat in summer, increasing the chance of heat stroke; in winter, it will accelerate the conduction of heat and make people feel cold. It can be seen that reducing comfortable humidity is not only a concern of the storage department, but also a great need for people’s daily usage.



The dehumidifier has a wide range of applications and a large market capacity. High-capicity dehumidifiers are widely used in laboratories, computer rooms, measurement rooms, libraries, archives, offices, instrumentation rooms, hospitals, power distribution rooms, banks, material reserves, food and crop warehouses, etc., making electronic products, optical instruments, precision equipment and valuable goods avoid the problem of dampness and mildew. With the development of science and technology, human beings have higher and higher requirements on the environment of these special places, especially on the humidity of the places.


The use frequency of household dehumidifiers is increasing. In the past, dehumidifiers were mostly used in special public places, but now dehumidifiers have entered ordinary people's homes, and ordinary private families are increasingly depend on them.



With the improvement of people's living standards and people's increasing awareness of health, people are more and more concerned about their physical and mental health, so people are more welcome to products that are helpful to their own health, and they are willing to spend money to buy them.


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