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Summary of Moisture-proof Methods for Wooden Furniture

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Many people like wooden furniture. But compared with other materials of furniture, wooden furniture is more‘delicate’, especially the bathroom cabinets or wooden boxes and shelves in the bathroom in the humid environment for a long time, which will lose their original luster with little carelessness. So, in addition to the usage of home dehumidifiers, how to better maintain wood furniture? Let's get to know some about it below.


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1. Maintenance of wood furniture

The wood furniture produced by the regular manufacturers has undergone strict drying treatment, which saves a lot of effort for the buyers. However, after the wooden furniture is moved home, the buyer should still pay attention to daily maintenance. Generally speaking, the special cleaner is enough to meet the requirements of wooden furniture, In the dry season, especially in the north, the wooden furniture should be wiped with clean wet cotton cloth to prevent the wood from cracking and deformation due to excessive drying.


But if it is in the rainy season, especially in the warm south, the moisture-proof and mildew proof of wood furniture should be paid attention to. Dip in a special cleaning agent with a clean rag and gently wipe the wooden furniture, which can give wooden furniture a layer of protective film, effectively blocking too much moisture penetration. In addition, home dehumidifier or wall mounted dehumidifier can also be equipped at home, which can well maintain the air humidity in the room.

2. Descaling of the wooden furniture

Even if people are careful enough, it is difficult to avoid leaving stains on the wooden furniture. If oil stains are accidentally left, special furniture cleaning agent should be applied to clean them. But this will damage the wax on the surface of wooden furniture, so it is better to wax it once a year to prevent the wood from losing its protection and being excessively wet after cleaning.


If the protection of bathroom wooden products does not be paid attention to, there will be many water marks. Generally speaking, water marks can volatilize by themselves. However, if there are water marks on wooden furniture at home and they have not disappeared for a long time, some‘special means’are necessary. Cover the trace with a clean wet cloth, and then press the wet cloth carefully with an electric iron to effectively fade the water trace.


3. Ventilation of the room

If the humidity in the air is large, special attention should be paid to the ventilation of wooden furniture. When placing, if it leans against the wall, make the furniture about one centimeter away from the wall to prevent the back of wooden furniture from absorbing too much moisture in the humid climate, resulting in the expansion and deformation of wood. But wooden furniture is also afraid of drying besides being afraid of humidity. Drying will make the wood lose its original water holding capacity, and loss of water will cause cracks in the wood. In addition, try to avoid putting the wooden furniture in the place where the sun is directly shining. The long-term sun will make local discoloration of the wooden furniture or even crack. Preair suffestes that you do not purchase wooden furniture or floor board if your house located in the area with a high humidity in a long time. However, if you have many wooden furnitures in your house and there is a large amount annual rainful, you need to equip energy efficient dehumidifiers for home for humidity control.


4. Mildew Treatment

Although people are careful, sometimes it is hard to avoid mildew on their beloved wooden furniture. But do not worry, because a mild detergent can easily wipe away the mildew. If the internal mildew is heavy, it can be removed with activated carbon, or the dried tea wrapped with silk stockings can be placed in the cabinet, which is also a good way to bring its own tea fragrance.


Through the above process, we believe that everyone can enjoy the unique tranquility and elegance of wooden furniture.


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