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How to Size a Pool Dehumidifier?

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Sizing a pool dehumidifier correctly is crucial for maintaining proper humidity levels, preventing mold growth, and ensuring the comfort and safety of the environment. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you size a pool dehumidifier:

Pro300 Industrial Dehumidifier for Pool

1. Determine the Pool Area and Volume

Surface Area of the Pool:

Measure the length and width of the pool to determine the surface area in square feet (sq. ft.).

Pool Water Temperature:

Determine the average water temperature of the pool. This affects the evaporation rate.

Air Temperature:

Determine the air temperature in the pool area. The difference between air and water temperatures impacts the humidity level.

2. Calculate the Evaporation Rate

The evaporation rate (in pounds of water per hour) can be estimated using the following formula:



E = Evaporation rate (lb/hr)

A = Surface area of the pool (sq. ft.)

W = Evaporation rate factor (depends on water temperature and air temperature)

V = Activity factor (depends on pool usage)

Evaporation Rate Factor (W):

For water temperature (80-85°F) and air temperature (75-85°F): W ≈ 0.1

Adjust W based on specific temperature differences.

Activity Factor (V):

Still water (no activity): V ≈ 0.5

Normal activity (moderate use): V ≈ 1.0

High activity (heavy use, splash, swim meets): V ≈ 2.0

Example Calculation

Pool surface area (A) = 500 sq. ft.

Water temperature = 82°F, Air temperature = 80°F (W = 0.1)

Normal activity level (V = 1.0)



E=50 lb/hr

3. Convert to Pints Per Day

To convert the evaporation rate to pints per day (1 pound of water = 1 pint):


Edaily=50 lb/hr×24

Edaily=1200 pints/day

4. Adjust for Dehumidifier Efficiency

Dehumidifiers are rated based on their capacity to remove moisture in pints per day. Ensure the swimming pool dehumidifier you choose can handle the calculated evaporation load. Typically, a safety margin of 10-20% is added to ensure efficiency under varying conditions.

Required Capacity=Edaily×1.1 (or 1.2)

Required Capacity=1200 pints/day×1.1

Required Capacity=1320 pints/day

5. Consider Additional Factors

Ventilation: If the pool area has significant ventilation, the dehumidifier capacity might need to be increased to compensate for additional moisture brought in by outdoor air.

Cover Usage: Using a pool cover when the pool is not in use can significantly reduce the evaporation rate, potentially lowering the required dehumidifier capacity.

Climate: Humid climates require more dehumidification compared to dry climates.

6. Choose the Right Dehumidifier

Select an industrial quality dehumidifier that matches or exceeds the calculated capacity. Look for features such as:

Energy Efficiency: Energy Star-rated models to save on operating costs.

Durability: Models designed for pool environments to withstand chlorine and other chemicals.

Control Features: Humidistats, timers, and smart controls for easy operation and monitoring.

Sizing a pool dehumidifier involves calculating the evaporation rate based on the pool surface area, temperature, and activity level, then converting this rate to the required dehumidifier capacity. Considering additional factors such as ventilation, cover usage, and climate ensures the chosen dehumidifier effectively manages the pool environment's humidity. Always select a dehumidifier with a capacity that meets or slightly exceeds your needs to ensure optimal performance.


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