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Application of Industrial Dehumidifiers in Various Industries

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The Function of Industrial Dehumidifiers


When rainy season is coming, the air will become more and more humid, the whole factory workshop or warehouses will have more moistures and water vapor. It will affect the quality of the products such as food, wood, textile and so on. If the moisture in the air cannot be removed from the house in time, the products will go bad to be moldy and the products cannot be produced and stored, the quality cannot be guaranteed as well. At this time, various Industrial Dehumidifiers such as Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifiers, Rotomolding Dehumidifiers etc. are developed and appear in the life of people, which can help to dehumidify and provide high quality life for people, and it benefits for various industries.


1. Industrial dehumidifiers for all kinds of food products


We all know that food is a kind of materials to go bad easily. Some foods such as bread, cheese, milk, chocolate and egg and so on are easy to change their quality with the time. Even if some foods can place longer time in the air, it will go bad quickly in moisture environment. So the shelf life of most foods is very short. For example, the storage temperature of chocolate is 18 degrees Celsius, and the storage humidify is 50 degrees, if the air is too humid, the ingredients of chocolate will produce chemical reaction to cause it to go bad. So foods can hardly keep longer without help of energy efficient dehumidifiers.

Lgr125 Dehumidifier for Food Industry


2. Industrial dehumidifiers for wood and wooded Products


Wood products are easy to absorb the moisture of the air. If the wood is placed in humid environment, it will easily expand or contract along with the change of water content in it. But its water balance point cannot allow it to change during the processing, that means factories must control the temperature and humidity of the wood strictly when the wood materials are stored or final processed. It is recommended to use a wall mounted dehumidifier at the wooded products factory.

Pro330 Industrial Dehumidifier for Wooded Products 

3. Industrial dehumidifiers for products of Textile


Textiles are the products we are familiar with. The clothes we wear such as cotton clothing, hemp or ramie clothing, wool clothing especially silk clothing are easy to change the original shape if the humidity in the air is too heavy. For the textile factories, they must control well the humidity of products to produce high quality textiles or clothes because Yarn of the textiles will change its state of property in it by moisture in the air to produce defective products. No matter for factories or home, using a ceiling mounted dehumidifier is a good choice to solve the problem.

Zeta240 Industrial Dehumidifier for Textile Factory 

Nowadays, Commercial Dehumidifiers and Home Dehumidifiers have become the indispensible products in daily life, and more and more people are prone to choose best dehumidifier to use. That causes the dehumidifiers sale hot. Dehumidifiers home depot is a place where sell various Industrial Dehumidifiers. If you need, go there to buy it.


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