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Innovative Dehumidifier Systems

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According to news reports, in the university campus apartments of the southern coastal city, the high humidity has caused the proliferation of mold. After this happened, the administrator contacted the manufacturer of the dehumidifier, hoping to change the accommodation conditions of the students. Professionals installed innovative dehumidifier system in the apartment, which greatly reduced the humidity in the apartment, curbed the growth of mold, and gave students a comfortable living condition.


This report has aroused widespread concern. People begin to pay more and more attention to the risks that high humidity leads to the rapid growth of mold to people's health. The energy efficient dehumidifiers for home also strives to create a comfortable living environment for everyone. The problem of the university apartment in the report was originally thought to cost a lot of money to solve, and installing an innovative dehumidifier quickly solved the problem for everyone.

Preair Lgr Dehumidifiers for Moldy House

Mold Damage

In spring, with the influence of warm and humid airflow on the climate, the days of rain and mold raging have become a spring trouble for many people. The continuous rain and the "missing of the sun" make the home humid and the living comfort is greatly reduced. Not only the molds in this season cause stains on homes and foods, but also the acidic substances discharged by molds make the clothes that are not dry for a long time give off an unpleasant smell. These are the hazards we can see under the action of mold. Where else can we see the damage of mold in places we can't see?


First of all, because mold can directly propagate in the human body, causing fungal pneumonia, fungal gynecological disease, fungal urinary system disease and fungal mucosal disease, etc., especially for pregnant women, infants, and elderly people with weak resistance. Secondly, mold has smaller molecules than pollen, and it is easy to enter the trachea to cause allergic bronchial asthma. Seasonal skin diseases such as dermatitis, sweat spots, and athlete's foot are also caused by mold infecting the skin. Third, mold can also cause mildew in food. When we mistakenly eat moldy food, it will cause food poisoning. Aflatoxin in moldy food can cause liver cancer. Finally, molds often make wood products and clothing in the home grow mold spots that are difficult to clean.

Anti-mildew Tricks

1. Molds like warm and humid environments. The spring temperature rises and the humidity increases, providing a favorable environment for mold growth. Close the doors and windows on rainy days to isolate the outside warm and humid air, to a certain extent, reduce the "water" phenomenon on the ground and walls. Keeping the home dry can reduce the growth of mold.


2. If mold has appeared on the floor and at home, it can be wiped with alcohol or disinfectant, which can effectively remove the mold spots that have formed. However, please pay attention to the need to wear plastic gloves when cleaning. In the process of cutting and cleaning, let the infants and young children touch as little as possible to avoid injury.


3. If the humidity in the home is high, you can choose to place wide-mouth washbasins in every corner of the home, and install a sufficient amount of activated carbon or dry tea in the basin, so that you can absorb a certain amount of moisture.


4. Now people are using a dehumidifier for mold. The innovative dehumidifier is a portable commercial dehumidifier that is easy to move from one area to another. Preair provides different types of dehumidifiers for customers. If you are toubled by mold, please feel free to contact Preair for help.


To Sum Up

Modern people have higher and higher requirements on quality of life, and have also provided some dehumidifier manufacturers with more inspiration. The production and application of innovative dehumidifiers have greatly improved everyone's living environment.


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