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How to Choose the Right Dehumidifier?

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The dehumidifier is developed for humid and harsh environments, which can not only effectively improve the humid life and production environment, and make it reach an ideal state, but also remove mold caused by humid environment. The home dehumidifier can remove moist water and suspended particles by running, making the air dry. Dehumidification is used in all aspects of production and life to create a comfortable, dry and quiet modern living space for users. However, if the dehumidifier cannot be selected correctly, it will not meet our expectations and may cause unnecessary economic losses. So what are the effective tips for choosing the best dehumidifier?

Dehumidifying Capacity of Dehumidifier

When you want to buy home dehumidifier, choose the right one according to your room size. If the dehumidification power is too small, the dehumidifier will be burdened too much. If the dehumidification power is too strong, it will consume excess power. So don't buy dehumidifier because of its cheap price. Do not use a dehumidifier with strong dehumidification for small rooms. Actually these can be calculated according to the amount of dehumidification. The basic formula is based on 0.24 liters per square meter.

Preair Provides Different Types of Dehumidifiers

High Cost Performance of Dehumidifier

Generally, when the commercial ducted dehumidifier is used under the conditions of low humidity and low temperature, the amount of dehumidification will be significantly reduced, or even not dehumidified. Usually the damper the place of residence is, the greater the dehumidification capacity will be required. People need to pay attention to the operation sound of the desicant rotor dehumidifier. Consumers need to go to the store or mall to test it by themselves. However, because the store sometimes has a loud background sound, you may not hear the sound of the machine running. It is recommended to touch it by hand to feel the vibration of the machine operation. In theory, the more severe the vibration is, the louder the dehumidifier will be.

Brand Choice of Dehumidifier

A family willing to use a whole house dehumidifier is definitely the one that likes pursuing quality of life. All the people don't want the dehumidifier they bought to have serious quality problems. Besides, inferior dehumidifiers can easily cause fires. So when buying, pay attention to the place of origin. Actually don't buy unknown brands and try to buy a dehumidifier with simple functions. At present, a dehumidifier with air purification function is more popular on the market. In fact, dehumidification is still the main function. If you think a dehumidifier with a purification function is better, then you should pay attention to check if there is a CADR certification in the relevant country. CADR is the clean air output ratio. The larger the CADR value is, the higher the purification efficiency of the air purifier will be.


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