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Does using a dehumidifier help to reduce heating costs?

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Dehumidifiers usually work by drawing air through a fan over refrigerating coils. The moisture in the air condenses, and then collects the generated water in a tray for processing. By reducing the moisture in the air, the risk of moisture and mould spores is reduced, thereby ensuring the health of the indoor environment.


Is the dehumidifier more effective than simply raising the central heating temperature by a few degrees? As the temperature of the air decreases, the efficiency of the whole home dehumidifier will decrease, so is it a wrong decision to use a dehumidifier instead of heating to reduce the humidity of the air?

Preair Wh Whole House Dehumidifiers for Drying House

Whole house dehumidifiers are used by many people to help air dry laundry indoors. Is this also a wise use of energy? Yes, there are many variables, such as types of housing stock, heating form, energy cost, etc. But does using a dehumidifier help reduce heating / energy costs and reduce the risk of damp in the room? Can you use any "tricks" to help improve the performance of the whole house dehumidifier? For example, where should you put it in your home?


There are four main sources of moisture within the home. Laundry, washing, cooking and people. People who spend most of their time sitting may have produce the lowest moisture at home. The rest comes down to humidity management, which is a matter of behavioral habits and careful ventilation. If we take a basic example of a small two-bed solid wall house with a small amount of private external land, then you can wash your clothes to accommodate dry weather (even at night). Even on rainy days, you can do laundry indoors with good ventilation practice. It might be bold to suggest that for at least nine months of the year, this is sufficient to meet the demand for dehumidifiers. Among the remaining three, there will be some opportunities to appear. For example, in Sheffield, I have done laundry today, and when I arrived home, it was drier than when I left. Tomorrow in London, the temperature will reach 13℃, enough for indoor ventilated drying, The balance of laundry demand will help increase the amount of heat other than dehumidification through a high-efficiency boiler (this will be an ongoing assumption). Cooking and washing belong to the same main reason to keep the door closed as much as possible to restrict the flow of water and ventilation in the room to promote the discharge of water.


Coupled with the general good management of house heating and ventilation, I think that eventually increasing heating can to a certain extent offset the increase in the cost for dehumidification. Then it was concluded that the behavior change effort is more valuable to individuals than the unit and operating costs, plus the inevitable impact on energy price increases. Although we are currently in a severe period, people still have a social mentality about the purchase of luxury goods. What a pity, because I think money can be used to serve us better, to protect our environment and do more local services.


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