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A Brief Introduction of the Fresh Air Dehumidifier

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What is a fresh air dehumidifier?

The fresh air dehumidifier dehumidifies the outdoor air, and sends the relatively dry air that reaches the target relative humidity to the room through the fresh air duct to achieve comfort or meet the requirements of indoor humidity. Dehumidified air is usually used in indoor places where air purification is required.


Dehumidifier can be divided into commercial dehumidifier, home dehumidifier and industrial dehumidifier and industrial dehumidifier fall into two categories, industrial cool dehumidifier and industrial warm dehumidifier. Besides, you can choose different types of dehumidifiers according to different occasions. If you want to breathe fresh air at office, there is industrial humidifier for office for you and if you have a damp basement, there is a dehumidifier for basement mold for you. If you are in constant movement, you can choose a commercial portable dehumidifier and better, a mini portable dehumidifier.

Applications of a fresh air dehumidifier

Fresh air dehumidifiers, in many occasions, require high fresh air volume, and some directly require a new air supply system. Fresh air dehumidifiers place high requirements on the treatment of temperature and humidity. The central air conditioning system cannot solve the problem of controlling temperature and humidity at the same time. Some adopt the method of lowering the temperature of the outflow, and then increase the temperature by means of electric heating to achieve the purpose of reducing the relative humidity. In the environment with very low fresh air requirements, this method can be used, but it is also very energy-consuming., nor is it the preferred method. If it is a brand new wind system, it can hardly meet the requirements. Assuming that the temperature of the cold air outlet is 18 degrees, the relative humidity is higher than 95%, and the temperature is increased to 23 degrees. Therefore, the independent development of the air handling unit for new wind is very necessary.

After years of summary in industry practice, it can solve the new wind treatment requirements of different process requirements, mainly supporting the independent pipeline dehumidification section of the central air conditioning system. For the pipeline ventilation dehumidification unit of the fresh air ventilator, a new air multi-stage processing air conditioning unit was developed for the space with temperature requirements.

 Merv 8 Filter of Wh95 Dehumidifier

Particular editing of a fresh air dehumidifier

The whole house dehumidifier with fresh air intake is a one-time dehumidifier for outdoor air, and the ordinary dehumidifier placed indoors is a cyclic and progressive dehumidification. Therefore, if the target humidity of the two is the same, the difference in the moisture content of the former is greater than the latter in the unit time. Therefore, when calculating the wet load, the "one-time" dehumidification capacity of the fresh air dehumidifier must be fully considered. Compared with the closed space dehumidifier, the initial humidity of the fresh air dehumidifier that only treats outdoor air once is always the constant relative humidity of the current outdoor atmosphere, so it is necessary to accurately calculate the dehumidification amount of the fresh air dehumidifier. In order to achieve the purpose of controlling the target humidity.


Fresh air dehumidifier can not only dehumidify but also sterilize and dilute formaldehyde. The exhaust system is equipped with filters to intercept harmful bacteria and sterilize them. Do not exhaust virus-laden air outdoors. Dehumidifiers can be equipped with different types according to different occasions. According to different places of use, it is divided into commercial dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers, and home dehumidifiers. You can choose the right model according to different places. We also wholeheartedly serve you to produce the best dehumidifier.


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