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Why a Dehumidifier Is Necessary in a Tropical Climate

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According to the Köppen climate classification, this is the most widely recognized classification system for the climate of specific areas, and Orlando is not considered as a "tropical climate" Although Tampa has many characteristics of tropical climate, it is actually located in the so-called humid subtropical climate. In the humid subtropical climate, the wind from the tropics brings warm and humid air, which means that humidity is a real problem in our region, which leads many people to choose a home dehumidifier for the whole house.


According to the application scenario, dehumidifiers can be divided into commercial dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers and home dehumidifiers. Commercial dehumidifiers and industrial dehumidifiers are bulky and not suitable for home use. Home dehumidifier has the advantages of small size, energy saving and good dehumidification effect, which is recognized by many families. Home dehumidifiers can be divided into wall mounted dehumidifiers and vertical dehumidifiers, and suitable products can be selected according to the family environment.


When there is a lot of water vapor in the air, high humidity will appear. This will cause many problems for Florida homeowners, including house damage, energy bills and poor indoor air quality. Instead of risking these negative effects, many homeowners choose to install a dehumidifier for the whole house rather than a dehumidifier for a point that mitigates problems in only one room or area. If you don't protect your whole house, you will take some risks.

Commercial Dehumidifiers


One of the most obvious problems associated with high humidity is the level of heat you feel on your body. If there is too much water in the air, sweat will not evaporate from the body as it should, which means that a heat envelope is formed around your body, making you feel that it is far warmer than the actual outdoor and indoor temperature. If you turn on the air conditioner to adjust the temperature of the room, it may cause the air conditioner to over work, or even malfunction, which makes you have to pay for the maintenance of the air conditioner. It should be noted that the cost of air conditioning operation and maintenance is very high.


The impact of high humidity on your home environment is a serious problem. Moisture in the air can damage your furniture and damage the structural integrity of your house. At the same time, bacteria, molds and viruses can easily grow in humid areas and enter the air. These microorganisms will cause allergic symptoms on human skin, and also cause respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and tracheitis, which will harm human health.

Commercial Industrial Dehumidifiers


Installing a dehumidifier for the whole house in the Orlando area protects every area of the house, not just a single room. This type of home dehumidifier works with your air conditioning system to collect moisture from the air. When there is too much moisture in the air, it will be attracted to the cooling coil, so as to reduce the moisture in the air, improve the family environment, and bring comfort and relaxation to family members.


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