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What should we do in spring dehumidification?

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Before you enjoy the warm spring, you need to solve the condensation, humidity or mold in the space, or try to avoid spring allergies, you can use the dehumidifier to make considerable changes to your home. Let's take a look at the best way to use the dehumidifier during the spring.



The best way to use a dehumidifier during spring

Dehumidifier for condensation, moisture and mold

Spring has arrived, everyone is together, the moisture content has been high. Doubled showers, doubled cooking and doubled clothes need to be washed and dried, this effect is often stressful. These high levels of moisture in the home condense on the cold surface and produce condensation. The dehumidifier absorbs moisture and collects it in a water container for safe disposal, and in turn treats condensation, moisture, mold and odor.


Laundry room dehumidification

No extravagant dryers, heaters and air conditioners are the only way to dry your clothes. But this may take a long time, resulting in water accumulation around the house. Using a dehumidifier is a good choice. Although other methods may be effective in dry cleaning clothes, they are usually relatively expensive and expensive to operate. Different types of dehumidifiers can dry-clean clothes, and can provide a healthier home by reducing excess moisture in the air and concurrency problems.

Home Dehumidifier for Air Purification

Tip-Put your clothes in a small room with a dehumidifier nearby immediately. Using a small room allows the dehumidifier to reduce the moisture in the air faster and achieve the best performance required for drying clothes. The smaller the enclosed use area of the dehumidifier, the faster the dehumidification speed.


Dehumidifier for allergy

Most people do not associate spring with allergies, but during these months, people spend more time indoors exposing allergic people to irritants. Using a dehumidifier for home use can help reduce the water that supports the growth of allergens and helps prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses.

The dehumidifier can not only reduce excess water in the air, but also reduce allergies and other daily problems encountered. Solve the core of the problem as soon as possible and experience a warmer and healthier home.


Dehumidifier for Allergy


How to choose spring dehumidifier

Open room dehumidifiers are now available in both wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted units. Wall mounted dehumidifiers are easy to install, do not require piping, and can be installed before and after decoration. Just make a vent and a few screw holes in the outer wall. However, this will limit its ability to purify indoor air. You can only purify the dehumidifying living room in the living room installation, and only the bedroom in the bedroom, and the purification area is small.


The duct type open room dehumidifier needs to lay pipes, and the air supply and exhaust ports are installed in different positions of the same room. The novel air is sent to each room through the pipeline, and the pure air is extracted from the air exhaust port of each room. An open room dehumidifier can meet the needs of purification and dehumidification of all spaces in the whole family with good efficiency. Therefore, when selecting the open room dehumidifier, it can be selected according to the needs.


Hongtai has many years of dehumidification application engineering experience, and after relevant training, we can provide humidity and humidity control solutions for various industrial applications.


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