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What Is the Effect of Air Humidity on Health?

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In the hot summer, many people will feel sultry and weak. In winter, many people feel dry, and most people think it is caused by temperature. In fact, it is not just temperature that affects our physical and mental health. Air humidity is also the main cause of this phenomenon.

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What are the effects of air humidity on people's health

Air humidity refers to the degree of humidity of the air, which is used to indicate the degree of saturation of the water vapor content in the air. Studies have shown that the most beneficial humidity range for human health is 45% to 60%. If the humidity in the air is less than 45%, it will cause indoor dryness, which may easily lead to respiratory diseases such as asthma. When the air humidity is higher than 60%, the human body will feel sultry and unbearable. When the air humidity is higher than 80%, it is too high humidity, which will make the body difficult to dissipate heat, resulting in symptoms such as increased body temperature, rapid heartbeat, dizziness and nausea. Home dehumidifiers can solve this problem well. In addition, if the air temperature is too high, but the humidity is too low, it will also affect the human digestive system. High temperature will cause the body to sweat a lot, which will result in loss of water and reduced saliva secretion, causing thirst in the throat. It will also accelerate the growth and reproduction of bacteria, causing food and water pollution. At the same time, it is also likely to cause capillary dilation, gastrointestinal upset, skin allergies and other issues.


How to control the air humidity in a suitable range?

If the air humidity is too high or too low, it will affect the human body. Therefore, we should find ways to control the indoor air humidity within the range of human adaptation.


In summer with humid air, open windows for ventilation to maintain air circulation. If the room is too humid, we can use desicant rotor dehumidifiers and wall mounted dehumidifiers to dehumidify and keep the room dry. In addition, in order to pursue coolness, some people will sleep on the floor directly in summer. Actually the moisture on the floor is heavy. Sleeping on the floor can easily make moisture to invade the body and cause joint pain and other problems. In addition to controlling humidity, we should also pay attention to food hygiene. Due to the humid environment, the food is very susceptible to spoilage and mildew, which may cause gastrointestinal problems after ingestion. Therefore, we should choose fresh ingredients and avoid eating expired or soon expired foods.

In the dry winter, we must take measures to increase the humidity in the air. First of all, green plants can be placed indoors. Daily watering is conducive to improving air humidity, and the plants themselves can also play a role in purifying the air. At the same time, moist mop can be used to wipe the floor, which not only ensures indoor hygiene, but also can use the moisture of the mop to increase the indoor humidity. If the humidity is too low, we can use a humidifier to increase the humidity. But the humidifier is prone to bacteria proliferation, so it must be cleaned regularly.


It is precisely because air humidity affects human health, so while we pay attention to temperature changes, we should also pay attention to changes in air humidity. Besides, we can use the rotomolding dehumidifiers and dehumidifiers home depot to hlep create a healthy humidity environment suitable for human growth.


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