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What Are the Benefits of Underground Dehumidifiers?

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Due to the difficulty of parking on the ground, many real estate developers have built the parking lot underground, but this has a problem. Because the air circulation in the underground parking lot is not very good, and the underground is wet, the humidity is too heavy and the vehicle is likely to get wet. The metal parts are rusty, the paint is falling off or even damaged. The humidity problem is a common problem in most underground parking lots, so is there any good solution?


The importance of dehumidification in the basement

The basement is the most vulnerable place, especially in the rainy season, the relative humidity of the basement is above 80%, and the basement is generally not well ventilated, and the items stored in the basement are easily susceptible to moisture and mildew.


According to a survey by international authoritative institutions specializing in researching air quality, the relative humidity of general living environment air should be 65%, which should be no less than 50% when the weather is cold and dry in winter, and should not be greater than 75% during the summer rainy season. This kind of humidity is the most suitable for the growth of various organisms.


When the ambient humidity is too high, the amount of pineal hormone secreted in the human body is also large, so that the concentration of thyroxine and epinephrine in the body is relatively reduced, and the person will feel listless and depressed. In addition, working and living in a place with high humidity for a long time is also prone to diseases such as rheumatism and rheumatoid. Therefore, to buy dehumidifier for basement is very necessary.

Zeta480 Dehumidifier for Basement


The advantages of basement electroosmosis dehumidifier

1. Large dehumidification area and unlimited floor height. The effective dehumidification area has a diameter of 20 meters (314 square meters), and only the bottom layer can be used to dry the entire building. As long as it is within 20 meters in diameter, no matter how high the floor or room is, only one electro-osmosis dehumidifier is enough.


2. Low energy consumption, beautiful and lightweight. Taking Hongtai electric dehumidifier as an example, its power is only 14W, weight: 2.7kg, volume: 150mm × 190mm × 320mm, it is hung on the basement wall, and it takes up almost no indoor space.

Pro330 Dehumidifier for Basement

3. Efficient mute, does not affect indoor comfort. Since there are no compressors, fans and other components in the dehumidifier, it can be said that it is truly "0" noise. Effectively keep the room naturally dry all year round without any discomfort. Keeping the wall dry in winter can effectively save heating costs (for every 10% increase in wall humidity will increase heating costs by 50%).


4. Continuous dehumidification for 24 hours not only fundamentally solves the humidity problem in the basement, but also effectively prevents mold. The electro-osmotic dehumidifier does not require any water storage container, and water molecules flow directly into the soil from the inside of the wall.



We specialize in manufacturing industrial, commercial, household, desicant rotor dehumidifiers, wall mounted dehumidifiers, etc. If you have any dehumidifier needs, please contact us in time.


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