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Tips for Preventing Moisture in the Rainy Season

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In daily life, we often meet this kind of troubles that the towels, clothes, furniture, floors and walls of the home become moldy and wet when rainy season comes especially in spring and autumn. And sometimes it will last long time in some areas. If people wear the damp clothes, and the quilt is damp as well when sleeping, the body will absorb the moisture to the internals gradually, the health will be greatly affected. Therefore, how to prevent moisture in rainy season, which is the problem people need to solve. 

Nowadays, many people buy Home Dehumidifiers from Preair. It is a good and quick way to dehumidify. 


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1. Use lime to absorb moisture


We know lime is a good and simple adsorbent. 1kg of quicklime can absorb about 0.3kg of moisture in the air. When the rainy season comes, the floors and walls in the home will become damp and the service life time will be shortened. Even it will appear some small drops of water when the moisture in the air is too heavy. At this time, we can use lime to absorb moisture in the air. First, we put some quicklime into small cloth bags or sacks, and wrap well to place them in each corner of rooms to keep indoor air dry. In this way, the furniture or decoration of home will not be greatly damaged by moisture.


2. Use moisture-proof pads


It is sufficient to use household moisture-proof pads for some spaces in the home such as wardrobes, bookcases or cabinets etc. These pads can prevent moisture absorption to keep the clothes, quilts or books dry. Then you will not be afraid of rainy season. But you should remember to close the doors of these spaces in time to avoid the moisture entering after using.

3. The method of intermittent ventilation


When rainy season comes, it is not suitable to open the door or windows. You must close the door and windows of the home. If you want to ventilate the air, you had better to open door or window in the downwind direction for a while in the afternoon or evening to reduce water vapor in the air entering the room. In the rainy days, the humidity in the air outside is highest at noon. When the sun comes out, you may open the door or window at noon to let the moisture evaporate quickly.

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4. Use High Efficient Dehumidifier


The quick way to dehumidify is to use the best dehumidifier. The Dehumidifiers sale is popular in the market including Commercial Dehumidifiers and Industrial Dehumidifier, which styles can be divided by Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifiers, Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers, and Rotomolding Dehumidifiers. You may ask salesman to choose as your need.


Preair is a reliable dehumidifier manufacturer that has provides dehumidifier products to the whole world. We aim to improve the humidity control level in the world and help make a more comfortable living environment for people.


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