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The Principle Characteristics and Application Fields of Thermostat Dehumidifier and Pipeline Dehumidifier 1

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Characteristics of thermostat dehumidifier

There are many operating modes of dehumidifiers. The pipeline type temperature-adjusting dehumidifier has cooling, dehumidification, temperature-adjusting dehumidification, temperature-increasing dehumidification, heating, automatic defrosting and other operating modes. Moreover, outdoor heat exchangers can also adopt different forms such as air cooling and water cooling.

It has large adjustment range. Since the pipeline temperature-adjusting dehumidifier has many different operation modes, from cooling and dehumidification to heating operation, the adjustment range of the system's cooling, heating and dehumidification is improved, which can meet the needs of different cooling/ heating/ humidity loads.

The adjustment precision is high. The commercial hvac dehumidifier adjusts the cooling capacity, heating capacity and dehumidification capacity through the operation mode conversion. In each operating mode, the fan speed and water pump speed of the outdoor heat exchanger can also be adjusted to adjust the heat distribution between the outdoor heat exchanger and the indoor heat exchanger. At the same time, the cooling capacity or heating capacity of the system can be fine-tuned to improve the adjustment accuracy of temperature and humidity.

It has wide range of applications. Due to the multiple operating modes of the pipeline temperature-adjusting dehumidifier, a wide range of cooling/heating/dehumidification adjustment range can be achieved. The outdoor heat exchanger can be in the form of air cooling or water cooling, and can be used in different regions to meet the annual cold / heat/humidity load requirements to achieve air temperature and humidity control.

It is automatic control. It can detect indoor temperature and humidity, outdoor temperature and system operating status in real time according to the design requirements of indoor temperature and humidity. According to the change of indoor temperature and humidity and outdoor temperature conditions, the operating mode of the system is automatically switched to ensure the indoor temperature and humidity requirements and the safe operation of the system.

Preair Pr Dehumidifiers for Commercial Use

Working principle of dehumidifier

Through the operation of the compressor, the high temperature and high pressure gas discharged from the exhaust port enters the condenser to cool, and then becomes a low temperature and high pressure gas. These gases become low-temperature and low-pressure liquids after being blocked by capillaries. Finally, it absorbs heat through the evaporator, and then returns to the compressor to become a low-temperature and low-pressure gas. This cycle goes back and forth.

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The external circulation of the dehumidifier

In the case of normal startup, through the operation of the fan, humid air is sucked in from the air inlet. The air passes through the evaporator. The evaporator absorbs the moisture in the air on the aluminum sheet, and then turns into dry air. After cooling through the condenser, the air is blown out from the air outlet.


1. The thermostat dehumidifier is a device. It can heat, cool and dehumidify indoors at different indoor and outdoor temperatures to meet indoor temperature and humidity requirements. It can also improve the performance of the dehumidification temperature control system and expand the scope of application of the dehumidification temperature control system.


2. The temperature-adjusting dehumidifier uses an evaporator to cool and dehumidify the air and recover the condensation heat of the system to make up for the heat lost in the air due to cooling and dehumidification. It is an efficient and energy-saving dehumidification method. It has been widely used in defense engineering, civil air defense engineering, tobacco and petrochemical industries, subway stations, aerospace purification engineering, laboratories, telecommunications equipment rooms, archives, food rooms, pharmaceutical or film workshops, special glass manufacturing, food, wood, etc. Dehumidification drying and dehumidification in high-humidity spaces and temperature control are places where there is a requirement for dehumidification. The temperature difference between winter and summer is large in most areas, and the heat/ cold/ humidity load changes significantly with time. The traditional dehumidification and drying system cannot meet the actual needs well.


The components of the temperature and humidity control machine are air-cooled pipeline dehumidifier and water-cooled pipeline dehumidifier. The compressor, four-way valve, outdoor heat exchanger, indoor second heat exchanger, indoor first heat exchanger, expansion valve and other refrigerant lines are connected to form a refrigeration cycle. The outdoor heat exchanger is connected in parallel with the two branches of the indoor second heat exchanger, and a solenoid valve for controlling the opening and closing of the branch is installed on the branch of the indoor second heat exchanger.


Through the four-way valve to switch between cooling and heating modes, it can meet the requirements of a wide range of changes in cooling and heating loads throughout the year. And through the on-off of the two parallel heat exchanger branches and the adjustment of the air volume or water volume of the outdoor heat exchanger, it can meet the needs of different wet cooling and heat loads, so that the indoor temperature and humidity can be better controlled within the setting range. A four-way valve reversing defrosting method is adopted to achieve rapid defrosting without stopping the machine. The system has wide application range and strong adjustment ability. It can be operated in most areas of China for year-round temperature and humidity adjustment, which improves the utilization rate of the equipment.


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