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The Necessity and Advantages of Having a Dehumidifier

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Are you bothered by the dampness of your home? During the rainy season, the room is generally wet due to the heavy humidity, and the furniture easily gets moldy. If the indoor humidity is too high, this may cause a lot of trouble in our lives and be harmful to our health.



1. The Necessity of Having a Dehumidifier

Furniture in a damp room is prone to mold, which reduces its service life and affects the aesthetics of the house. In addition, books are prone to mold in damp rooms, which is not conducive to the preservation of books. More importantly, living in a humid room for a long time is harmful to human health.


As we all know, a humid environment is more likely to breed bacteria than a dry environment, especially the mold on the skin. These molds are easy to spread on the toes, hands and so on. Therefore, people living in a humid environment for a long time are more prone to skin diseases. In addition, they are more susceptible to diseases such as respiratory diseases and rheumatoid arthritis.


Therefore, it is necessary to have a house dehumidifier to help you create a comfortable humidity environment. People often use desiccant or activated carbon to dehumidify at home, but the most effective way is to use energy efficient dehumidifiers for home. So what are the advantages of the dehumidifier?

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2. The Advantages of the Dehumidifier

(1) Dehumidification

The dehumidifier is composed of compressor, heat exchanger, fan, water container, casing and controller. Its working principle is that the fan draws moist air into the machine, and the dry air is discharged out of the dehumidifier through heat exchanger. It can keep the indoor humidity within a proper humidity range.


(2) Reducing the Growth of Bacteria

The environment with high humidity will accelerate the reproduction of bacteria, and the dehumidifier can effectively reduce the humidity in the space and reduce the growth of mold and bacteria. In an environment with humidity below 60%, it is not easy to breed bacteria and harmful microorganisms.


(3) Reducing the Incidence of Disease

The scientific research report pointed out that the human body has high requirements on the humidity of the living environment. The optimal relative humidity is 60-70%, not less than 50% in winter, and not more than 80% in summer.


A comfortable humidity environment can reduce the occurrence of rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, tracheitis and asthma. The dehumidifier with fresh air intake can reduce the indoor humidity. It keeps the human body in a relatively comfortable environment and reduces the incidence of some diseases.


(4) Drying Clothes

In wet weather, clothes are not easy to dry. In addition to creating an environment with suitable humidity for you, the dehumidifier can also help you dry clothes quickly.


(5) Extending the Service Life of Furniture

After the dehumidifier reduces the indoor humidity, it can effectively prevent furniture and books from becoming moldy. It can protect furniture from moisture and extend the service life of the furniture.


As a necessary product in some places and an indispensable product to improve the quality of human life, the dehumidifier has a very promising market prospect. In the past, dehumidifiers were mostly used in special public places, but now they are more and more popular with ordinary families.


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