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The Function of Fresh Air Surface Cooling

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What is the fresh air surface cooling?


Fresh air surface cooling means that it cools fresh air and incidentally removes part of the humidity by one kind of machine called a Dehumidifier, then the low-temperature air can improve after purifying. In this way, people can get better air indoors without opening the windows. The dehumidifier can filter out harmful substances and gases, especially indoors or in a place where lots of people gather together. That ensures the oxygen content and the clean air indoors, which is beneficial to human health.

Usually, there are five stages of filtration for the process of fresh air surface cooling, which are initial effect, electrostatic dust removal, high efficiency, molecular dynamics sterilization, and anti-bacterial technology. We will introduce several principles to understand the function of fresh air surface cooling clearly.

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The Principle of Cooling and Dehumidification

The moisture content in the air will decrease accordingly along with reducing of temperature of the air because the moisture held by the air is different at the different temperature and energy. When the outdoor air passes through the fresh air cooler, the air will be cooled down and keep the state of low temperature, and the water vapor in the air will be gradually condensed and reach saturation, the water vapor in the air will continually become condensed water and is precipitated, which will make the water content in the air reduces to realize the process of dehumidification. That is the principle of cooling and dehumidification. Some Industrial Dehumidifiers and Commercial Dehumidifiers will use this way to dehumidify.

The principle of the Rotary Adsorptive Dehumidification


The dehumidification wheel is divided into treatment area and regeneration area by the sealing system in the dehumidification section. The dehumidification wheel rotates slowly at a speed of 8-10 rpm to ensure the whole continuous dehumidification process. When the treatment air passes through the treatment area of the rotor, the water vapor in it will be absorbed by the hygroscopic medium of rotor, and change the state of water vapor to release latent heat, at the same time, the rotor absorbed a certain amount of moisture tends to reach saturation.

Due to the evaporation of water, the regeneration air will become humid air in regeneration, and the humid air will be discharged to the outside through the regeneration rotor. Some Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifiers and Home Dehumidifiers use this principle to humidify.


Nowadays, people are becoming more conscious of health and fitness, which let dehumidifiers sale become very well when the summer comes. At spring and autumn season, there are many rains and the air is very humid, it is also the season to use dehumidifier. If you want buy best humidifiers, you may go to Dehumidifiers home depot to consult and buy it.


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