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The Dehumidifier For People Living In High Humidity Climate

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In some areas, the humidity in the air is very high due to climate. It is uncomfortable for people to live in a high humidity environment for a long time. This will not only cause a lot of trouble in life, but also affect indoor air quality. In a high-humidity environment, furniture and clothing can easily become moldy. And bacteria will grow rapidly in a high humidity environment, which will be harmful to human health.



The necessity of the dehumidifier for those who live in high humidity climate.

The humid environment has adverse effects on patients with tuberculosis, kidney disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. Under the same temperature conditions, the incidence of skin diseases in humid environments is twice as high as in dry environments.


And air humidity can also affect people's mood, people who have lived in an environment with high humidity for a long time may suffer from loss of appetite and depression.


In general, the relative humidity in the room should be kept between 50-60 degrees as much as possible, and the growth of dust mites will slow down in such humidity. But if the air humidity is less than 30 degrees, it will also make people feel uncomfortable because it is too dry. The dehumidifier can help you adjust the humidity in the air and keep you in a suitable humidity environment.



How to choose a dehumidifier suitable for you?

1. The Dehumidification Quantity

The working principle of the dehumidifier is to use the fan to draw humid air into the machine, and the water molecules in the humid air are condensed into water droplets under the action of the heat exchanger. Then, the dry air is discharged out of the dehumidifier. Such a cycle keeps the indoor relative humidity within an appropriate range. Therefore, the dehumidification quantity is an important indicator for selecting a dehumidifier.


2. Space Area

When choosing a dehumidifier, it is important to consider where you plan to use it. The room with a small area is suitable for using micro dehumidifier. Compared with industrial humidifiers specially designed for factories and companies, micro dehumidifiers are cheaper and more convenient to use. Mini dehumidifiers are smaller than ordinary dehumidifiers and can usually be placed on a windowsill or counter.


In factories or companies, it is recommended to buy industrial dehumidifiers. Industrial dehumidifiers have a large dehumidification capacity and are suitable for large areas. But industrial dehumidifiers are generally heavier, dehumidifiers with wheels are more convenient for you to push to other places for dehumidification.

dehumidifiers home depot 

3.   Function of the Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers can be divided into condensing dehumidifiers and rotary dehumidifiers according to different functions. The rotary dehumidifier is expensive, but it has high safety performance. Condensing dehumidifiers are cheaper and have a better dehumidification effect in hot and humid environments in summer. If you are worried that clothes are not easy to dry in wet weather, you can choose to buy a dehumidifier with a drying function.


But when using the dehumidifier, remember to check the filter inside the machine regularly. Because if there is too much dust on the filter, it will affect the efficiency of the dehumidifier.



Dehumidifiers are essential in life. The storage of many things is affected by humidity, such as paper, fur, tobacco, food, etc. As people have higher and higher requirements for indoor air humidity in their lives, dehumidifiers are becoming more and more popular in life.


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