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The Best Way To Dry Your Laundry Indoors

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 No one likes winter, except when it snows to bring people a little joy, I think other times are hated by people, not to say anything else, let's say hang out clothes, summer as long as the washing clothes, do not need to wring dry and hang outside directly, half day is dry, but winter is not so simple, even sunny days also need a day to dry, if the temperature is very low, some heavy clothes cannot dry in a day.

Although now there is a dryer sales, the price of the dryer is very high, plus the high power, power consumption is not big, only some people who have a good family or return from studying abroad will buy it, so our country is still mainly natural drying. But now a lot of people buy a dehumidifier for drying clothes, this dehumidifier also has the function of drying clothes, as long as you put it to use, winter drying clothes is out of question. But many people who have purchased an air dehumidifier have not put this feature to use, just will whine that the dehumidifier's drying function is too bad. In fact, they are using the wrong method. 

Wh Dehumidifiers for Drying Clothes

How to use an air dehumidifier to dry clothes:

1. Find a enclosed room, such as a small study room, or a bedroom, the more sealed the better. If the doors and windows are open and the moisture from the outside keeps coming in, how can you prevent moisture and dehumidify the inside if the moisture cannot come down? The reaction is the same when it comes to dry clothes.


2.  The clothes can not hang too high, now there are stainless steel drying rack, the height is between one meter two to one meter five, this X-shaped drying rack is the best choice for drying clothes in winter, and then the clothes can not be too tight to ensure air circulation.


3. The last is to drop the dehumidifier on the bottom of the drying rack, that is, underneath the clothes and then open the dehumidifier, the dehumidifier's drying function on, so that the dehumidifier's hot air will blow to the surface of the clothes, that can quickly dry the clothes. Many people think that the main reason why house dehumidifiers can not dry clothes is not to open the dehumidifier dry clothes function, so it is running dehumidification function, of course, it can not dry clothes. Most of the household air dehumidifiers are refrigerant dehumidifiers, dehumidification in winter will appear frost function, or winter is not able to achieve the effect of dehumidification, so that the dehumidifier dry clothes function is not available. 

If the dehumidifier does not have a clothes drying function, then the humidity of the dehumidifier needs to be set at 35% or lower so that the dehumidifier will continuously cycle the dehumidification to achieve the clothes drying effect. The effect of using air dehumidifiers to dry clothes in a relatively sealed room is quite remarkable, not only for use at home, but also in commercial areas such as laundries, hotels and guesthouses, where users can configure the machine to suit their needs. So there are air humidifiers for restaurants, air humidifiers for hotels and air humidifiers for warehouses. You can choose different types of air humidifiers to suit your needs. Hongtai home dehumidifier, using frozen dehumidification technology,  dehumidification is efficient and fast, dry clothes function is outstanding, welcome to buy.


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