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Should You Open Windows When Using a Dehumidifier?

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Whether or not you should open windows when using a dehumidifier depends on the specific circumstances and your goals. Here are some considerations:

Scenarios where dehumidifiers need to be used with windows closed

If you are using a dehumidifier to combat high humidity levels indoors, it's generally best to keep windows and doors closed. Opening windows while using a dehumidifier can allow humid outdoor air to enter, making it harder for the dehumidifier to maintain a lower humidity level indoors. To effectively reduce indoor humidity, maintain a sealed environment.

During certain seasons, like spring and fall, outdoor air humidity levels can be moderate and comfortable. In such cases, opening windows can be a cost-effective way to naturally ventilate your space and reduce humidity without relying solely on a dehumidifier.

Running a whole house dehumidifier continuously with windows open may not be energy-efficient, as it essentially counteracts the dehumidifier's efforts. Be mindful of energy consumption and the cost of running the dehumidifier continuously.

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Scenarios where dehumidifiers need to be used for windows opening

On occasion, you might want to use a home dehumidifier in a room where moisture has been introduced, such as after a spill or flooding. In such cases, it can be beneficial to open windows to help ventilate and remove the moisture-laden air more quickly. This should be a temporary measure until the excess moisture has been removed.

If you find that the air indoors becomes too dry when using a whole room dehumidifier for an extended period, you can strike a balance by periodically opening windows for ventilation to introduce some fresh, slightly humidified air. This can help maintain a comfortable humidity level without over-drying the air.

The decision to open windows while using a dehumidifier depends on your specific situation and goals. If you're using a dehumidifier to combat high indoor humidity, it's usually best to keep windows and doors closed to maintain an effective indoor environment. However, if you're seeking a balance between humidity control and comfort, you can occasionally open windows for ventilation. Be aware of the impact on energy consumption and indoor humidity levels when making this decision.


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