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On the Causes of Vicious Competition in the Dehumidifier Industry

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Vicious competition is common in China's current market, especially in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. The result of vicious competition will inevitably end with the social harm. Price war is a typical vicious competition, which is not conducive to the development of the industry.


In the normal market environment, there are two situations that can trigger vicious competition. One is oversupply, which is that the total supply of products exceeds the per capita consumption demand. This is a manifestation of the maturity of the consumer market. The other is that the consumption area is relatively concentrated. Although the total supply of products is far from reaching the per capita consumption need, the products flow into centralized areas, which makes the certain area overproduction. The vicious competition in China's commercial dehumidifier industry caused by excessive demand is basically the second situation, and the current vicious competition is man-made. As long as there is vicious competition, it is inevitable that many counterfeit and inferior products will appear in the process of commercialization. Consumers should be careful. Preair has commercial dehumidifiers for sale. If you want to buy efficient dehumidifiers, please contact us for more information.

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The price war has battered the dehumidifier manufacturers. The dehumidifier dealers deceive the consumers again and again, and as the consumers' interests have been lost to a certain extent, they never trust domestic dehumidifier, only buy imported one. In fact, a discerning person can see at a glance that the real winner is the manufacturer of imported dehumidifiers. While lowering the price of ceiling dehumidifier wall mounted in China, foreign enterprises relied on technological advantages to earn the customer's money in their hands. They exchanged the earned money for technical advantages and brand advantages, and continued to make huge profits. However, ours domestic companies can only fight with ourselves, no one can have profit in the price war.


The price war is a war without morality and rationality for the Chinese dehumidifier industry. Disregarding national interests, the interests of customers, it is a war of no interest for anyone. It is our responsibility to make a good dehumidifier, so here are some suggestions to the dehumidifier colleagues:


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1. Advice for dehumidifier manufacturers: Don't produce those cheap and ungraded dehumidifier. This will not only destroy the enterprise itself, but also destroy the Chinese national brand. Don't engage in "price wars" anymore, this is not good for enterprise development.


2. Suggestions for dealers of dehumidifiers: Selling unqualified dehumidifier products at low prices will not only destroy dehumidifier industry, but also destroy your own character and professional ethics.


It is sincerely suggested that enterprises in the same industry can join forces to establish a dehumidifier industry association to formulate relevant industry standards. It is also hoped that relevant national competent authorities can formulate relevant policies from the perspective of guidance and encouragement, support relevant dehumidifier enterprises, and allow more dehumidifier enterprises to develop rapidly. At last, the supervision of the dehumidifier market should be strengthened so as to clean up those unqualified dehumidifier products. In this way, a genuine domestic brand will have a healthy market environment and form its own competitive advantage.


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