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Necessity of Using Dehumidifier for Indoor Swimming Pool

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In recent years, the improvement of people's living standards and the emphasis on their own health have allowed more people to devote themselves to sports. Among many sports, swimming is undoubtedly a type that is widely loved by everyone. It can not only enhance immunity, increase lung capacity, but also slim down the body.


Indoor swimming pools are becoming more and more popular, and people have higher and higher requirements on pool water temperature, pool environment and indoor air quality. Generally speaking, the temperature of indoor constant temperature swimming pool is 22-26 degrees Celsius, the temperature of children's swimming pool is 24-29 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of parent-child pool is 30-34 degrees Celsius. High-humidity air not only affects human health, but the damage to buildings cannot be ignored,favored by men who lose weight and women who love beauty. The indoor swimming pool is also being built more and more in order to meet the increasing demand of everyone. However, the discomfort caused by the high humidity of the indoor swimming pool has also attracted the attention of pool managers. The use of a swimming pool dehumidifier has solved everyone's problems.

 Preair Pro230 Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifier for Indoor Swimming Pool

The necessity of dehumidifying indoor swimming pool

Excessive humidity in the swimming pool will cause some unnecessary damage to the machine. A standard medium-sized indoor swimming pool will evaporate about one ton of water per day. If the water in the air is not effectively removed in time, it will not only cause a decrease in human comfort, indoor structural equipment will also be affected.

1.The humidity in the room is too high, which affects the comfort. Excessive humidity affects somatosensory comfort, and you may feel hot when you get out of the water.

2. Condensation on the indoor wall and glass surface caused by excessive humidity can easily condense water on the building surface or other equipment and damage electrical equipment.


3.Traditional dehumidification is achieved by exhaust air. The water vapor evaporated in this way alone accounts for 90% of the energy consumption of the swimming pool, resulting in an increase in indoor temperature, and lowering the room temperature will increase operating costs.

A large amount of moisture will damage the decoration materials. The ceiling and walls are prone to condensation and moldy deterioration, which seriously affects the aesthetics and service life of interior decoration. It is recommended to use a indoor pool dehumidifier for moisture absorbing and mold preventing.


How to choose the right dehumidifier

When we buy commercial dehumidifiers, we mainly consider the following aspects. First of all, we must first look at its dehumidification capacity. The most important technical parameter is the amount of dehumidification. From the number of dehumidification we can know how many liters of water this dehumidifier can remove per day. However, the dehumidification amount calibrated by the manufacturer on the machine is generally measured at 30 degrees Celsius and 80% constant humidity. This ideal condition is difficult to achieve in actual use, so the dehumidification amount can only be used as a comparison of different dehumidifier reference. Second, it depends on the convenience of use. If the operation is cumbersome and maintenance is very laborious, even if the dehumidification ability is too strong, it cannot be regarded as a good product. Whether it can be moved is also an important element. If it is removable, the water tank is not large enough, and whether it is easy to take out and put in is also a point that consumers value very much. Finally, since the filter and condenser in the machine must be cleaned regularly, it is important to consider whether the parts are easy to disassemble.


There are many types of dehumidifiers, which are divided into commercial dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers and household dehumidifiers according to different uses. We wholeheartedly serve you and make the best dehumidifier for you to meet your needs.


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