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How to Repair and Replace Dehumidifiers?

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Coming to the repair and replacement of the dehumidifiers such as commercial dehumidifiers and so on, we should firstly check them.

 Preair Dehumidifier with Sheet Metal Housing

Cleaning of Commercial Dehumidifiers

In the routine annual inspection, if it indicates that there is dirt or dust which has accumulated in the wheels, the wheels should be cleaned as soon as possible.


Use a vacuum cleaner

As for the cleaning of the commercial dehumidifiers, we can use a vacuum cleaner which should also be standard to remove all the dust and debris from both sides of the grinding wheel in the commercial dehumidifiers.


Operate slowly

During the cleaning, we should also operate slowly around the entire surface of the wheel from beginning to the end to complete the procedure. What is more, we should ensure that we do not damage the wheel surface by the excessive pressure of the vacuum nozzle on the wheel surface.


Furthermore, we can use dry air or a small air nozzle to blow air across the side of the wheel in the commercial dehumidification units. After that, at a similar location on the other side of the grinding wheel, we should gently apply some devices such as a shop vacuum to receive any remaining debris which is forced to leave the grinding wheel.


Wheel washing

In some cases that this method can not eliminate the accumulation of the dust and so on or the method is unhelpful to restore the pressure back to the normal range, the procedure of wheel washing is recommended to perform.


What is important is that the wheel for dehumidification used in the technology of dehumidification can be thoroughly cleaned with water without affecting the performance of the wheel. Also, after the cleaning is completed, the wheels which are simply dried out can restore the function in the dehumidifiers without any deviation in performance, which is significant and amazing.


The wheel in the portable commercial dehumidifiers is recommended to be removed from the carton or device if it can do so easily, which is effective to facilitate the cleaning process. However, in most cases, it is impractical to disassemble the wheels, which is a pity.


As a result, during the process of cleaning it must be performed in the air treatment unit. What is more, some measures should also be taken to collect used water from the bottom of the unit.


Suggestions of cleaning a commercial dehumidifier

During the cleaning, we should use plastic which is waterproof to shield all electrical components and bearings and we should make sure there is enough system to collect runoff water from the bottom of the device.


Also, we should make sure that we do not clean the wheels while the regeneration circuit is running and we should keep the wheel spinning at the set speed. Furthermore, we should make sure the water of standard pressure and we should operate from the only the process side of the wheel, and we can use some special types of nozzles to clean the wheel to flush out debris remaining in the wheel groove.


After cleaning and air drying of the wheel, the wheel can be put back into the regeneration state, and the wheel should return back to full load simply after several regeneration cycles.


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