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Moisture-Proof Measures of Printing House Warehouse

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The necessity of moisture-proof in printing house warehouse

For the southern region of China, it is humid all year round, not to mention the time when the precipitation is frequent in continuous wet weather and rainy seasons. The air humidity is simply high, which brings great trouble to people's lives and industrial production, the same is true in the printing industry. Whether it is in the production process or in the storage process, the damage of the humid air to the printing is not small. Because the air is too high, the finished paper will be damp, and the high water content will directly affect the printing quality and physical properties.

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Several measures that can be taken to prevent moisture in printing house

1.Place it neatly: no matter it is paper or product, it must be neatly arranged. It should be placed in a proper position. There should be a large gap between the card boards to facilitate air circulation. There is no gap between the piles and the card board. If the paper gets wet, there is no room for recovery. When the weather is clear and the outdoor air humidity is lower than that of the warehouse, you need to open the windows to speed up the indoor air circulation and expel the moisture in the warehouse.


2. Check the card board regularly: Some card boards will be damaged during use, so that the paper will directly contact the ground, so it will absorb the ground gas and cause the paper to get wet. The height of the card board is also particular, the height must be more than ten centimeters, and the material of the card board is also required. It is best to use a single flat plate, which can reduce the point of contact of the paper with moisture, so as to achieve the effect of moisture.


3. Enclosure should be enclosed: we know that some products have higher requirements. In order to protect it, it will be encased. This requires strict enclosure, not only a thin layer, which does not protect against moisture. The card board should be enclosed when surrounding the film. Only in this way can the maximum contact between water vapor and paper be blocked. Moreover, if the whole board is unpacked, if it is not used up, it should be sealed with a surrounding film in time to reduce the contact time of the paper with humid air.


4. Control the air humidity: We know that the warehouse is relatively closed and there are few windows, so the warehouse needs ventilation equipment, such as exhaust fans, etc. Of course, it can also prevent quicklime, hygroscopic agents and other dehumidifying things to prevent moisture air damaging the paper. It is better to configure a dehumidifier with pump for basement, which is a professional equipment to deal with humidity. It uses freezing and dehumidification technology, which has a fast dehumidification speed, simple and convenient operation, can well prevent humidity, reduce air humidity, and ensure that the warehouse of the printing plant is always dry and paper and printed matter will not be affected by moisture.



To sum up

Of course, there are many measures to prevent the paper from being damp. But no matter what kind of moisture-proof method, using a dehumidifier is undoubtedly the best choice. The main reason is that it can control the air humidity, as long as you enter the required air humidity value, you can automatically dehumidify, which is very convenient. Dehumidifiers are divided into commercial dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers and  dehumidifiers home depot according to different uses.


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