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How to Set Humidity Value for Dehumidifier?

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Home air quality is very important to prople, and Preair believes everyone should enjoy great comfort at home. Preair has compiled this useful guide, which provides further instructions on humidity. The following is an introduction to setting the humidity value for home dehumidifiers.


Learn about humidity and dehumidifier settings

The level of the humidity at home will greatly affect your comfort and health (especially when you are sick or have sinus diseases or other respiratory diseases), and excessive humidity can also cause other problems.


Humidity refers to the amount of moisture in the air around you. Commonly referred to as "relative humidity". It is a measure of the moisture content in the air at a given temperature. High or low humidity can cause problems. The optimal range is approximately between 30% and 60%. Many people think that 45% is considered ideal.


If the humidity is too low, we will feel the symptoms of dry air. If the temperature is too high, we may feel very hot and easily overheat and sweat. When the level is less than 30%, respiratory infections and sinus problems and diseases related to viruses and bacteria will increase. In addition, if you have a cold or other illness, it is more difficult to recover if you do not have a healthy humidity level at home. If the humidity increases a lot, you will feel uncomfortable, even if it is not really hot, it will feel more boring. In addition, high humidity can cause many secondary problems for homeowners, such as mold and dust mites. It is necessary to install a whole house dehumidifier at home if your budget allows.

Wh135 Dehumidifier for Whole House Basement


Basement dehumidifier settings

The basement dehumidifier can prevent mold, control the "bad" smell, and bring a safe breathing space to your basement. The basement is very different from the rest of your home. This is mainly because in most cases the basement is surrounded by high-moisture soil. Therefore, if no action is taken, the humidity will increase and odor and mold will be generated. Improperly sealed windows are also a source of extra humidity outdoors. As the humidity in the basement keeps increasing, the home dehumidifier will continue to work, which means that your electricity bill will increase and the life of the home dehumidifier will shorten. If you want to buy affordable dehumidifiers for home, please contact Preair first. We would provide you with professional solutions tailered for your condition.

Details of Hd103 Home Dehumidifier for Sale 


Home dehumidifier settings

Just like the home dehumidifiers you can use in the basement,they are also very useful in the family living area. They are very effective in high humidity areas and in wet seasons or environments. The home dehumidifier can bring comfort to your living space. If you do not have an air conditioner, but do not want to withstand the warm air with high humidity, a household dehumidifier is a particularly good choice.


Unlike the basement, dust mites are susceptible to bedrooms, living rooms or any other areas where humans and pets live. Dust mites breed and multiply when the humidity exceeds about 50%. They are the main source of allergies and the main source of nutrition for human and pet skin cells. They are most commonly found in fabrics and materials where humans and pets live, such as beds and sofas. Knowing this, I suggest that you keep the humidity of your household dehumidifier at no more than 50%. If necessary, you can lower it at will. After all, your comfort is a personal preference. If you suffer from allergies or other respiratory diseases, please keep the guidelines in mind.


The best range for home dehumidifiers is set between 30% -50% according to your comfort level. 45% of people think this is the ideal choice.


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