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How to Set a Dehumidifier?

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The dehumidifier removes water vapor from the air to keep the room dry. In a humid climate, they can improve your comfort at home, help prevent the growth of mold and mildew, and protect books, pianos, wallpapers, and other delicate items from moisture damage. The specific operating instructions of the humidifier will vary depending on the brand and model, so please read the instruction manual to determine exactly how to set up the machine. Most models are designed to be user-friendly, with a control panel with dial or buttons.

Installation steps of dehumidifier

1. Plug the water restoration dehumidifier into a grounded wall outlet. On models that do not turn on automatically after plugging them in, press the "On" or "Power" button on the control panel.


2. Locate the dial or set of buttons labeled "Dryness Setting", "Humidity Level" or similar names. Turn the dial to the right to increase the dryness, and turn the dial to the left to increase the humidity. Press the "Humidity Level" button repeatedly until the display indicates that the machine is set to the desired humidity. Remember, a higher value means higher humidity, not more power of the machine.

How to Use Preair Lgr85 Dehumidifier


3. Look for the buttons labeled "Power Level", "Fan Speed" or similar names. Press the button repeatedly to cycle through the power options, from low to high power. Select the required power level. Higher levels will dehumidify the room faster, but will be louder and consume more energy.


4. Press the "Time" or "Timer" button repeatedly to preset the time that the dehumidifier turns on (if your model has this function). When the button is pressed, the timer will cycle through the hours of the day. For more detailed information on setting the timer, see the user manual.


Precautions when using a dehumidifier

Choose the place of air circulation

The commercial dehumidifier with drain hose should be installed in a place where the air is circulated, avoiding being placed in a dead corner, causing a short circuit of the airflow, therefore failing to achieve the required dehumidification effect. At the same time, the dehumidifier should be placed on a solid and flat floor to avoid vibration and noise, and to avoid direct sunlight or close to heating appliances. When placing a household dehumidifier, it is best to place the household dehumidifier on a table about 1M high (Note: the fog outlet should be about 1 meter away from the ground), so that the moisture emitted by the household dehumidifier can better circulate indoors.

 Position of Lgr85 Dehumidifier

Don't place it next to electrical appliances

The dehumidifier should not be placed next to the appliance when it is installed. In order to prevent the appliance from drying and generating static electricity, most people will deliberately place the household dehumidifier as close as possible to the electrical equipment, which will seriously affect the insulation performance of the electrical appliance and may cause high voltage. Secondly, in order to let the moisture circulate effectively, some people put the household dehumidifier under the air outlet of the air conditioner, which will cause the air conditioning components to get wet. The "range" of the moisture emitted by the household dehumidifier is about 1 meter, so in the area with a humidifier as the center and a radius of 1 meter or more, no appliances, furniture, etc. should be placed.


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