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How To Make Homemade Dehumidifier?

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As we all know, in a highly humid environment will cause serious health problems, such as headaches, fatigue, tingling, numbness and others.

Wh70 Home Dehumidifier for Sale

1. Dried tea leaves or dried coffee grounds

You need

. Tea leaves or coffee grounds

. A small sack or old socks


. Dry the tea leaves and coffee grounds, the drier the better.

. Put the dried tea leaves or the dried coffee grounds into the sack or the sock.

. Put the sack or sock with dried tea leaves or dried coffee grounds into the wardrobe. It will be a good dehumidifier.

2. Chalk or Quicklime

You need

. Chalk or Quicklime

. Empty bottle

. Plastic wrap


. Collected or by the chalk or quicklime

. Prepare a empty ball or can

. Put the chalk or quicklime into the bottle or can

. Use the plastic wrap to cover the bottle top.

. Dig some holes on the plastic wrap

. Put the bottle or the can into the wardrobe corner.

This is the good dehumidifier, because the chalk or quicklime can be reused.


3. Detergent

You need

. Detergent

. Empty bottle

. Breathable cotton or thin cloth


. Prepare the detergent

. Put detergent into the empty bottle

. Cover a breathable cotton or thin cloth on the top of the bottle

This is a good way to dehumidify the cabinet moist. Using the washing powder will also emit a slight scent, the powder can wash the clothes again when it is wet no waste at all .

4. Charcoal

You need

. Charcoal

. Bottle or Newspaper or old socks


. Prepare the charcoal

. Put the charcoal into the bottle or wrapped the charcoal by newspaper or old socks

. Put the wrapped charcoal into the wardrobe corner.

Charcoal can be reused after drying in the sun, and charcoal or bamboo charcoal will also have a deodorizing effect! Really kill two birds with one stone!

5. Candles

You need

. Candles

. Match

In addition to lighting, candles can also be used to dehumidify. Lighting candles can prevent the moisture in the air from condensing, thereby reducing the humidity in the room. If you have a musty smell in your home, then choose the kind of heat duty aromatherapy essential oil candle, this kind of candle can not only keep the room dry, but also remove the musty smell in the room.

All in all Different moisture-proof methods are suitable for different spaces: the tile floor uses the newspaper to absorb moisture fastest. The shoe cabinet is recommended for dehumidifying lime; The other areas of the home such as the living room and bedroom, the home dehumidifier has the most significant effect. The candle is only suitable for small spaces, and the effect is slow. You can choose the best way for you.


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