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How To Choose a Household Dehumidifier?

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In the area with the Mediterranean climate, there is always excesive moisture in the air. People can choose a dehumidifier to lower the humidity indoors, remove the mold, and help make a healthy and comfortable environment for people.

Wh95 Dehumidifier for Whole House Wholesale

What factors we have to consider when choose household dehumidifier?

1. Room Area

First of all, according to the main room area of the dehumidifier, the corresponding dehumidification amount should be estimated. In general, the dehumidification amount per square meter per day can be estimated at 0.6. And the detailed parameters of the dehumidifier also have a reference to the area of use. Of course, it also depends on the actual situation of the specific use of space, such as the pattern of the space, the degree of openness, the intensity of sun exposure, ventilation, the number of personnel, and so on. If the use space is connected with other places, or the space where the sun is shining strongly, a dehumidifier with a large cooling capacity should be properly selected.

2. Place of use

Different sites determine the size of the water tank. The use space of household dehumidifier is generally bedroom, living room, kitchen and toilet. The toilet is very convenient to drain, and now the dehumidifiers are given hoses for free. It is not a big problem for the kitchen to drain the dehumidifier on the countertop. However, there is no water channel in the bedroom and living room. If this is the main use space, you must choose a large-capacity water tank, so that the water will be poured in the middle of the night and the dehumidifier can continue to work.

3. Budget

Different compressors and humidity sensor modules of the dehumidifier cause the price difference. If you have a sufficient budget, please choose a good compressor and humidity sensor module that not only the working life is long but the humidity control is even better. Preair provides wholesale portable dehumidifiers. Contact us if you are looking for a reliable manufacturer.

Temperature and humidity are the twin sisters need to be controlled in the indoor environment. Therefore, temperature conditioning control is required for product consumption in many industries and storage needs in the storage environment. In addition, in the absolute moisture content, the air changes with temperature, its relative humidity also changes dynamically, so the dehumidifier with temperature adjustment function is also dependent on the needs of the application environment when purchasing a dehumidifier.

How to choose a suitable household dehumidifier?

1. The category of dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers can be applied in many areas for their special design. The Therefore, consumers must determine the application environment of the dehumidifier they want to buy. They cannot wear small shoes with big feet, break a butterfly on the wheel, and they cannot listen to the malicious guidance of bad merchants.

2. Dehumidifier interface

In a room with ventilation ducts (warm ventilation ducts and fresh air ducts), when purchasing a dehumidifier, it is often necessary to consider whether there is a pipe interface to stop the dehumidifier from connecting with the original ventilation duct, and activities in the original ventilation duct after the air is intercepted and dehumidified by the dehumidifier, it is returned to the ventilation duct to better control the relative humidity of the air in the original ventilation system, reaching the air's technical or warm request. The WH70 dehumidifier is a small whole house dehumidifier that can be connected to the HVAC system.

3. Non-standard category of dehumidifier

The non-standard category of the dehumidifier refers to the existing standard models that cannot meet the on-site dehumidification and temperature adjustment requirements, or the special interfaces for the distribution and return air requirements.

Hope the above information will be useful for you.


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