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How long do whole house dehumidifiers last?

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Lifespan of a whole house dehumidifier

The lifespan of a whole house dehumidifier can vary depending on several factors, including the brand and model, usage patterns, maintenance, and the overall quality of the unit. On average, a well-maintained whole house dehumidifier can last anywhere from 8 to 15 years.

Regular maintenance is essential to extend the life of the dehumidifier. Some key maintenance tasks include cleaning or replacing the air filters, emptying the water collection tank regularly (if it's not connected to a drain), and cleaning the coils to prevent dust and debris buildup. Proper maintenance will not only help the unit last longer but also ensure it operates efficiently.

High-quality dehumidifiers from reputable brands tend to have longer lifespans compared to cheaper, lower-quality options. Additionally, how often the intelligent dehumidifier runs and the humidity levels in your area can also impact its longevity. If a dehumidifier is working constantly to remove excessive moisture, it may experience more wear and tear, potentially reducing its lifespan.

To get the most out of your whole house dehumidifier, consider purchasing a model from a reputable brand, perform regular maintenance, and monitor its performance to detect any issues early on. If you experience any problems with the unit, it's often worth getting it repaired by a professional if it's still within its reasonable lifespan.

Preair whole house dehumidifiers for sale

There are WH series and HD series home dehumidifiers provided by Preair. The HD dehumidifier for entire house adopts the SUS304 filter that can be reused and save money, while the WH dehumidifier adopts the MERV 8 filter which can filter more particles in the air and is good for people with allergies.

The design and development of whole-house dehumidifiers have cost Preair much time and investment. The only thing that Preair wants to do is help solve the humidity problem in the world. Preair is looking cooperation with retailers, dealers, rental companies for restoration. We can provide high quality equipment with a reasonable price. We can promise you a short delivery time, fast transportation, user guidance, and warranty service. What are you waiting for? Contact now.


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