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Brand Strategy of Dehumidifier

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1. Small market demand has affected the development of the industry.

The market capacity of the dehumidifier industry is less than 2 billion yuan, and the domestic market is minimal. Without the market demand, companies do not pay enough attention to this product. The dehumidifier can only become a subsidiary product, and the current professional dehumidifier enterprises do not have enough money to promote vigorously.

2. There are many types of dehumidifier products, and the application fields are also complicated, resulting in cluttered sales channels. 

At the same time, the demand for each product is relatively small, which also causes greater difficulties for enterprises in promotion and sales.

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At present, the leading brands sold in the domestic market are mainly domestic or joint venture brands, and there are also some imported brands, represented by NEC and BENTIAN, whose products are positioned at the high end and their prices are relatively high. Judging from the short-term development trend of the commercial dehumidifier, this situation will continue for a long time. Although the demand in the domestic market has grown rapidly in the past two years, the absolute amount of market demand is still small. It is difficult to allow many powerful brands to intervene, and naturally leading brands cannot be formed. But after all, as a segmented market, the market and profit space of the dehumidifier industry still exist objectively, so it will still attract new brands to enter.

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According to the current market situation of the home dehumidifier, it can be seen that the dehumidifier industry is still in the growth stage in China, and the promotion strategy should pay more attention to consumer guidance. In addition to the limited domestic consumption level, the most important reason for restricting the development of dehumidifier products in China is that domestic consumers lack a basic understanding of dehumidifiers. Many consumers have not even heard of or seen them, which requires much consumer guidance in the promotion of dehumidifiers. When we introduce them to consumers, we need to base them on the two basic emotional value points of consumers' attention to health and the pursuit of a higher quality of life, and strengthen consumption needs through various ways such as public advertisement articles and industry expert forums, thus establish a leading brand image in the minds of consumers. You can also improve the brand image through large-scale public welfare activities such as caring for the health of your family, especially the health of the elderly and children and strengthening the effects of creating a better living environment and avoiding rheumatoid arthritis. It can build a better growth environment, and for housewives, it can even have a beauty function.


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