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Are Dehumidifiers Good For Asthma Patients?

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Causes of asthma

Asthma is a common and frequent disease. The World Health Organization statement pointed out that the causes of asthma include genetic factors and environmental factors. Genetic factors include genetic nature, immune state, psychological state, endocrine and health status; environmental factors include the patient's living area, living conditions, temperature and humidity changes, irritating gas, eating habits, etc. Genetic factors are the main cause of asthma. Environmental factors are the primary factors leading to the recurrence or acute occurrence of asthma.


Dust mites and molds are the main allergens in asthma patients worldwide. Humidity, especially at high temperatures, can easily lead to the propagation of dust mites and mold. This is also the fundamental reason why asthma patients in southern China's wet areas are higher than those in northern areas. Therefore, reducing the presence of house dust mites and molds is a key method for actively preventing asthma.


Temperature and humidity are the two main factors that affect the life of dust mites and molds. 17~30℃ is the optimal temperature for the propagation of acaroid mites and molds. Therefore, from the temperature point of view, in most areas of China, it is the best season for mold growth.


In terms of humidity, the relative humidity most suitable for human body and least suitable for mold is 45% ~ 60%. On the one hand, too high humidity can affect the transpiration of the body's surface water. In order to promote the discharge of water, the body can only compensate by accelerating the breathing frequency. The results exacerbate the airway resistance and simply induce asthma. On the other hand, the relative humidity of 75% to 80% is the optimal humidity for the growth and reproduction of dust mites and molds. Such humidity is also detrimental to human health, so reducing humidity has become the only feasible, reliable, and humanized method.


Therefore, in the summer wet season, in order to control the humidity, in order to control the growth of mold, and create a comfortable and fresh environment for asthma patients, this requires practical dehumidification and moisture prevention measures. The air dehumidifier has a special effect on indoor humidity control.

Wh135 Merv8 Filter Dehumidifier for Asthma Patients


Dehumidifier is beneficial for the treatment of asthma

If asthma patients live in a humid environment, they often relapse and cough. Because the moist air will affect the nerves of the patient's lungs, making the nerves narrow and tight. At the same time, humid air can cause poor air circulation. Sensitive triggering factors such as dust, dust mites, mold, mold, pollen and smoke can diffuse in the air and easily induce asthma.


Using a house dehumidifier can help purify the air. The dehumidifier reduces the number of asthma attacks by removing too much water in the air, which can minimize bacteria and pollutants in the home and protect the health of patients. The dehumidifier for asthma can effectively reduce the indoor humidity, make the human body feel comfortable, and reduce the occurrence of asthma. The dehumidifier can effectively reduce the growth of mold and other bacteria. The environment with high humidity is a hotbed for the rapid propagation of various bacteria. If the humidity is below 60%, bacteria and harmful microorganisms will be significantly reduced, which can effectively protect the moldy deterioration of furniture items, food, medicine, books. The professional dehumidifier can effectively protect household appliances, computers, cameras, instruments and equipment from being damaged by moisture, and can effectively and quickly dry clothes.

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