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Applications of Dehumidifier in Many Industries

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Performance of Commercial Dehumidifiers

If the dehumidifier can be applied correctly, it can improve the efficiency of production technology and create benefits.


Experience tells us that few companies understand the science of product drying. They completely rely on experts in drying equipment. Even if they invest money to buy equipment, they do not understand the principle of operation. Although they know the special methods required for the drying of each kind of product due to their experience, unfortunately, the lack of principles of product drying still costs millions of pounds of money every year.


Each kind of product has its own character and temperature, pressure difference and so on in the drying are the key factors that affect the success of drying. Unfortunately, few companies pay attention to it this information, which results in investing in the wrong equipment, completely relying on manufacturers to determine the drying conditions of their products.


In recent years, the application of dehumidifiers in the field of product drying has become more popular, because users perceive that the drying in low temperature has a positive effect on product quality and operating costs. The dehumidifier can improve quality without affecting the producing speed.

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The Use of Dehumidifier in Foundry

In this process, the mold made out of max is repeatedly immersed in the clay. These outer layers form a mould. When the wax melts, it can be poured into the molten metal. Dry air is more commonly used to dry the clay, because the it does not deform the mold by heat. The use of a commercial ceiling mounted dehumidifier can stabilize the operating costs of factories in the foundry and it can increase production without slowing down the manufacturing process in months with high humidity. As a result, the drying time of the process can be shortened by 50%.


Dehumidifier Used in Plastic Resin

All plastic resins have some degree of hygroscopicity. When the particles of raw material are extruded, the moisture will be heated and evaporated. These vapors can cause cracks in the structure and appearance of the plastic. The industrial dehumidifier can reduce the humidity in the raw materials, which can improve the quality of the product, reduce the waste and increase the manufacturing speed.

Dehumidifiers Used in Candy manufacturing

The process of sugaring is very important for the confectionery industry and it is also a difficult process. The product is placed in a rotating drum, and the material which used for sugaring is sprayed into the rotating drum for about one hour, so that the outer layer will have a certain thickness of icing. The longer the process is, the higher is the chance of damaging the product. If the chocolate-based or temperature-sensitive materials are used in the sugaring, the icing can be dried with dry air. If the air is dried through the dehumidifier in advance, the heat will not affect the product surface and the pressure difference on the surface of product will increase, which allows manufacturers to maintain a constant speed of production throughout the year without having to pay attention to changes in environment.


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