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Harm of High Humidity to Electronic Components and the Machine

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The following is a brief analysis of the impact of electronic components and the whole machine in a high humidity environment.


There are different types of dehumidifiers on the market. Preair is a professional dehumidifier manufacturer that can provide you with high quality dehumidifiers. The retailers and distributors can order OEM/ODM dehumidifier products and make a long-term cooperation relationship with Preair. can choose different kind of dehumidifiers according to different occasions. If you are in constant movement, you can choose a commercial portable dehumidifier and better, a mini portable dehumidifier.


1. Dehumidifiers for Liquid crystal devices

Although glass substrates, polarizers, and filter lenses of liquid crystal devices such as liquid crystal display screens need to be cleaned and dried during the production process, they will still be affected by moisture after the temperature is lowered, reducing the product qualification rate. Therefore, after cleaning and drying, it should be stored in a dry environment below 40% RH.


2. Dehumidifiers for Integrated circuits

The harm of moisture to the semiconductor industry is mainly manifested in that moisture can penetrate into the IC through the IC plastic package from the gaps such as pins, resulting in the phenomenon of IC moisture absorption.


The dehumidifier forms water vapor in the heating link of the SMT process, and the resulting pressure causes the IC resin package to crack and oxidize the metal inside the IC device, resulting in product failure. In addition, when the device is being soldered on the PCB board, the water vapor pressure is released, which will also lead to virtual soldering.

According to the standard, SMD components must be placed in a dry box below 10% RH after being exposed to high humidity air environment for 10 times the exposure time in order to restore the workshop life of the components, avoid scrapping, and ensure safety.

3. Dehumidifiers for Other electronic devices

Moisture is hazardous to capacitors, ceramic devices, connectors, switches, solders, PCBs, crystals, silicon wafers, quartz oscillators, SMT glue, electrode material adhesives, electronic pastes, high-brightness devices, etc. 

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4. Dehumidifiers for Electronic devices during operation

Between semi-finished products in the package and the next process; between PCB packaging and after packaging to power-on; IC, BGA, PCB, etc. after unpacking but not yet used; waiting for soldering ground devices; devices to be warmed to the ground after baking; unfinished real estate products, etc., are subject to moisture hazards.


Finished electronic complete machines are also subject to moisture hazards during storage. If the storage time is too long in a high humidity environment, it will cause a failure. For the computer board CPU, etc., the finger will be oxidized and the contact will fail due to poor contact. The environmental humidity of the production and storage of electronic products should be below 40%. Some varieties also require lower humidity.


The emergence of industrial dehumidifiers solves the problem of dampness of electronic components to a large extent, avoiding greater economic losses. The introduction of the above points is to analyze the common consequences of several common electronic components that are affected by humidity. Therefore, the use of dehumidifiers cannot be ignored. The industrial size dehumidifier adopts the most advanced and mature technology, with high efficiency and large dehumidification capacity, so it is widely used in various industries.


Dehumidifiers can be equipped with different types according to different occasions. According to different places of use, it is divided into commercial dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers, and home dehumidifiers. You can choose the right model according to different places. We also wholeheartedly serve you to produce the best dehumidifier.


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