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9 Steps Teach You to Choose the Right Dehumidifier

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There are many different types of dehumidifiers on the market, so before we buy, we should study them carefully and choose the dehumidifier that suits us.

Step 1: Learn the brand and origin of the dehumidifier

Consumers choose air dehumidifiers not only depends on the price, but also depends on the brand. How do you know the quality of the brand? It can be considered from the aspects of brand origin, establishment time and brand after-sales service.


Step 2: Choose a dehumidifier according to the room size

The dehumidifier will clearly mark the daily air dehumidification amount and applicable area in its product manual, and consumers can purchase it according to the actual situation. Don't be greedy for cheap. If you have insufficient dehumidification capacity, it will put a heavy burden on the air dehumidifier and the dehumidification effect will not be good; if you buy a dehumidification power that is too big, but the room is too small, it will be very expensive on electricity.


Step 3: The size of the dehumidifier and the location of the air outlet are also very important

For families with a small area at home, you can choose a small size dehumidifier with the air outlet above, so that you do not need to clean the items in front of the dehumidifier when using it, and it does not occupy space under the volume. The dehumidifier with the air outlet above can adjust the angle of the air outlet, which can better control the range of the air outlet and facilitate the use of the drying function of the air dehumidifier.

Preair Different Types of Dehumidiifers for Sale

Step 4: The power consumption of the dehumidifier

Pay attention to the power consumption when using the dehumidifier. The stronger the dehumidifier, the greater the power consumption. At present, dehumidifiers are divided into "compressor" and "desiccant" types. From the perspective of power consumption, "desiccant" type dehumidifiers consume more electricity than "compressors" dehumidifiers. 

Preair provides energy saving dehumidifiers for sale. If you are troubled by humidity problem and want to save dehumidification cost, please consider the LGR dehumidifiers made by Preair. 


Step 5: Dehumidifier noise

One of the reasons for the noise of the active air commercial dehumidifier comes from the compressor. When the compressor is running, the refrigerant or lubricating oil in the compressor will produce a sound when it enters the cylinder to impact the valve plate. Even if this sound is noisy, of course, the noise of a good compressor will be relatively reduced.


The dripping sound of the water tank is also a reason for the dehumidifier noise. High-end dehumidifiers mostly use the silent dripping design of the water tank. This design will let the water slide along the slope to the side of the water tank, and then the water slides down the side of the water tank, and there will naturally be no ticking.


Step 6: Take into account for the water tank

The water tank capacity is generally between 2L ~ 9L, and the water tank style adopts drawer type and handle type. If the range of the home is large and the area is very wet, you can choose a water tank capacity of about 8L. If you choose a large-capacity water tank, it is recommended to use a water tank style with a handle to facilitate pouring water.


Step 7: It is best to choose a dehumidifier that can set the humidity

Generally speaking, the most comfortable temperature indoors is 15-18 ℃ and the humidity is between 40% -60%. When the humidity is around 55%, the germs are more difficult to spread. This range will feel uncomfortable.


Step 8: Look at the dehumidification format of the dehumidifier

The amount of dehumidification is the capacity to remove water from the air. There are generally two units of dehumidification, one is L / D (liter / day) and L / H (liter / hour). When buying, pay attention to the unit is one day or an hour that difference is very large.


Step 9: Choose your own operating mode

The current mainstream dehumidifier buttons are divided into mechanical buttons and light-touch buttons. Both buttons have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the style that suits you when purchasing.

There are various types of humidifiers on sale. However, you should purchase dehumidifiers in consistent with your own needs. For example, if you need a humidifier at your workplace, you probably need to buy an industrial or commercial humidifier. Nevertheless, if you need a humidifier at home, you should probably buy a home air humidifier. And if you think placing a humidifier in your home takes up too place, you should choose a wall mounted air humidifier. Anyway, choose one according to your own needs.


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