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5 Ways to Use the Dehumidifier and How to Extend its Service Life

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If you live in an area where most of the year is hot and humid or warm and humid, then most of the time you need to use a home dehumidifier. Excessive humidity in the house can cause rapid bacterial growth and damage your health. Generally, the service life of the dehumidifier is about 5 years. If it is properly maintained, it will certainly extend the life of the dehumidifier, which is equivalent to saving costs. Here are five notes on extending the life of the dehumidifier.

Wh95 Crawl Space Dehumidifier Work Life 5 10 Years


1. Please Close All Doors and Windows Before Use

Before the home dehumidifier starts to work, close the doors and windows of the room, and try to form a relatively closed space, which can effectively reduce the entry of outdoor humid air, just like opening the air conditioner in the summer to close the doors and windows. When using it, people should not leave the entrance hall frequently, reduce the opening and closing times of the door, and avoid the outdoor humid air from entering the room. It is just like not opening the refrigerator door frequently. These are easy to understand. This measure prevents the dehumidifier from being overloaded, thereby protecting the machine and extending its service life.


2. Leave Room for Heat Dissipation

When operating, make sure to place the whole house dehumidifier with pump on a level place to avoid overflow of condensate. In addition, leave enough space between the machine and the wall and furniture to ensure that the heat is easily dissipated. Moreover, when the machine is running, do not block the humidity detector and air passage. Do not place the dehumidifier next to the heat source machine. The machine is easily deformed by the expansion caused by heat and contraction caused by cold. The dehumidifier must also dissipate heat through the surface of the cabinet. If it is very hot next to it, it will not dissipate. This will affect the dehumidification effect, increase the electricity cost, and may also affect the life of the dehumidifier.

3. Do not Connect the Dehumidifier to the Expansion Unit

The fresh air dehumidifier consumes a lot of electricity. Avoid inserting the device into the expansion unit. Do not turn on the dehumidifier without supervision.


4. Regular Cleaning

There is a lot of dust in the air. If your home dehumidifier has a water tank which is a hotbed of bacteria and mold. Clean the water tank regularly to keep the machine sanitary. There is a filter at the air inlet of the dehumidifier. Before the wind enters the interior of the dehumidifier, the filter needs to filter out the larger particles of dust. Over time, the filter will be full of dust. If the dust is too thick, it will affect the effect of the air intake. If the air intake volume becomes smaller, the air output volume will also become smaller, and the dehumidification efficiency will decrease. In addition, the dust on the exterior of the dehumidifier should be cleaned frequently to facilitate the heat dissipation of the dehumidifier and to avoid the internal parts of the home dehumidifier affecting the service life due to the high temperature.


5. Drying Function

Most home dehumidifiers have the function of drying clothes. This function has a strong dehumidification effect and consumes more power. We recommend that you turn off this function when you are not drying the washed clothes.


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