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2018 Chillventa Nuremberg Germany

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Chilventa 2018 was held in Nuremberg from October 16 to 18, 2018. Zhejiang Preair Electric Appliance Industry Co., Ltd. Presented. It carried the series of their professional and efficient industrial dehumidifiers.

The constant rising of energy prices and the policies to promote efficient and environmentally friendly technologies established by the government have boosted Germany's rigid demand for environmentally friendly products. Zhejiang Preair Electric Appliance Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the field of environmental optimization and overcomes various technical problems in the field of humidity control. Their various industrial dehumidifiers provide professional humidity control solutions for different scenarios and lead the development of the industry.

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Preair is a reliable business partner that provides efficient dehumidifiers for customers. Our high efficient energy-saving and environmental protection dehumidification system and equipment has a bright prospect in European market. It attracts many visitors to learn about.

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Chillventa is an international fair including air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and heat pump industries which is held every two years. The present countries includes China, South Korea, the United States, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Thailand, etc. 

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Chilventa is an impoirtant event for anyone in the HVAC industry. It provides a platform for professionals to build a favorable business network. Chilventa presents a cross-section of its industry that includes the innovations of systems and applications on refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pump components, systems and applications. This year, the exhibition focuses on the Internet of things, cold water system, it security of refrigeration equipment, data center air conditioning and new climate goals.

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