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2018 MCE Milan Exhibition

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On March 13-16, 2018 MCE Milan exhibition was held in Milan International Exhibition Center. Zhejiang Preair Electric Appliance Industry Co., Ltd presented and brought its household, industrial and many other dehumidifier products. It communicated about the high-end innovative forms and shareed all aspects of Prinel's humidity control solution , showed people its professional technical strength.

2018 MCE Milan exhibition

MCE (heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, renewable energy and solar energy exhibition) is an international biennale focusing on "humanized technology". Its main exhibits include heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, parts, valves, pipes, bathrooms, water treatment, installation and tools, renewable energy and related services. MCE started in 1960 (the first professional exhibition in Italy). More than 40 years, it has been closely related to the market development, and it has constantly created a good platform for the industry to meet, compare and launch technical, cultural and policy exchanges. It always keeps the leading position in the industry.

desiccant air dryer for air compressor

Preair's home dehumidifier series is special for families to provide professional humidity control solutions. Preair's industrial dehumidifier aims at the problems of production, processing, storage links of workshops, warehouses and drying operation in various industries, and it provides a professional, accurate and efficient humidity control solution. Preair's professional humidity control solutions attract many industry experts and customers to watch. And they interact with field staff frequently and discuss air humidity regulation and the control issues together. 

2018 MCE Milan exhibition

cultural and policy exchanges


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