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Why Should We Use the Wheel Dehumidifier in Low Temperature Environment?

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When it comes to dehumidifying the environment, what you encounter more often is that you can achieve the required humidity requirements by cooling.

But it is inevitable that you will also encounter some special environments with low temperature and low humidity, and high temperature and low humidity. At this time, you need a wheel dehumidifier to solve your problem.


Operating environment of runner dehumidifier

The most common low-temperature and low-humidity environments are cold storage and low-temperature medicine storage rooms. The environment inside is already low-temperature and low-humidity, but due to process or product requirements, the required humidity is higher, and at this time, simply cooling is not enough to continue dehumidify. There are also some such as bridge steel boxes and drying rooms. The environment is high in temperature and low humidity, and moisture will be generated inside to make the bridge steel boxes rust easily. At this time, the rotary dehumidifier can perfectly solve these problems! Preair has LGR dehumidifiers for sale. Contact us for more information.


Runner Dehumidifier 

Working principle of runner dehumidifier

The working principle of the dehumidifier: the core part of the wheel dehumidifier is a densely packed honeycomb dehumidification wheel rotating at 8-16 rotations per hour, and the high sealing performance silicon fluororubber is along the diameter on both sides of the dehumidification wheel, the whole surface is divided into a 270 ° treatment area and a 90 ° regeneration area. When the humid treatment air enters the treatment area, the moisture in the air is adsorbed by the dehumidification wheel and becomes dry air. The dry air is sent to the treatment fan to be dried. Or provide gas for production process.

Preair Runner Dehumidifier 

In the process of moisture absorption, the desiccant runner gradually loses its ability to absorb moisture as the absorbed moisture increases. In order to maintain a constant capacity of moisture absorption, the runner must be regenerated. The runner continuously rotates, and the dehumidification and regeneration process continues, thereby continuously outputting dry air with constant humidity.



Hongtai runner dehumidifier features

1. Adopting efficient and stable silica gel adsorption technology, the wind is stable, suitable for co ntinuous operation throughout the year;

2. The core uses imported super silicone titanium alloy runner, the runner life is more than 8 years;

3. The professional dehumidifier can effectively dehumidify under extreme working conditions of -20 ℃ -60 ℃, and the accuracy of relative humidity control can reach ± 5%;

4. The regenerative heater uses safe and reliable electric heater, which is safe and efficient;

5. The device comes with multiple protection functions, high safety and reliability, and the relative humidity of the processed air can be as low as 10% or less;

6. The unit box is made of all stainless steel, beautiful and durable;

7. New aluminum alloy structural frame, high-pressure polyurethane foam double-layer color steel plate box, anti-cold bridge treatment.

8. PLC automatic control, electrical multiple protection, stable operation and good safety performance.


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