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When Can the Dehumidifier Seize the Market Share of Home Appliances?

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Take my own house as an example. My first dehumidifier was given by a foreign friend. Before that, I had never heard of the dehumidifier. I remember that it would be the wet season around May and June. It was really the kind of season that underwear hardly dry. But after using dehumidifier, the problem soon got solved. In fact, for domestic consumers, there are really many people who do not know about dehumidifiers. This article will analyze in detail from the perspective of industry background, industry standards and dehumidifier brand analysis.


Although the dehumidifier's current share is not high, it is increasing year by year. As national income continues to increase, everyone has very rich channels to learn about advanced foreign information. For a large part of young people, dehumidifiers are actually nothing new. From the year of 2014, the dehumidifier gradually shifted from foreign sales to domestic sales. However, under such rapid growth, the utilization rate of dehumidifiers is less than one thousandth. It can be said that the market prospect of dehumidifiers is very large.


Although many young people have the concept of dehumidifiers, there are still many consumers who lack the concept of dehumidification. Many people think that air conditioning can be used for dehumidification, but when the rainy season comes in the area of Yangtze River, especially southern China, the air conditioner shows its limitations, for that the air conditioner is mainly used to warm or cool the temperature. It is not a professional dehumidifier. In addition, the power of the air conditioner is 5-10 times that of the dehumidifier, which consumes a lot of electricity. At the same time, when someone wants to use the air conditioner to dehumidify, the temperature will also drop, which is very inappropriate for the case of rainy and cool weather.


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Of course, there will be many older generations who think that when it is wet, it will pass when you bear it, there is no necessity to buy this thing. In fact, society has improved and income has increased. We should have the conditions and capital to have a better quality of life. Therefore, the future development of household dehumidifiers should be getting better and better, and it is just around the corner to occupy the share of household appliances.


Here is consumer consumption guide before purchasing dehumidifier: If the dehumidifier product nameplate only shows the dehumidification amount but without indicating the test temperature and humidity, or the temperature and humidity setting value is too high, it is likely to be a false standard of the manufacturer; otherwise, if there is a specific label  of nominal dehumidification amount or rated dehumidification amount, it would be a regular dehumidifier manufacturer, and the product quality is more guaranteed. So when buying a dehumidifier, you can judge from the machine's nameplate to determine whether it is a regular merchant brand.

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